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As you can see I am pretty new to the whole blogging situation, though I have had my finger on the pulse for a while. I don't know why, but I just love reading as well as watching reviews and blogs on new products that have been release, crazy food recipes, film reviews to the odd crafty blog, because who doesn't want to feel like there on Blue Peter and have made new decorative piece for the room simply from some loo roll centres and some sticky back plastic. Well obviously it’s not that basic but you get what I mean, so I felt it was about time I started up my own blog, I have lots of thoughts that I want to get out and apart from boring my family and friends to death with them, there was nowhere else to voice them...... until now!

So I thought what better way to start than with a haul, a miniature one but a haul none the less!
These were purchased the other day when I was meeting a good friend who I hadn't seen in ages as she has been abroad and I just knew the amount of time we would spend chatting, little shopping would probably be done.
So I got into town early and headed straight to boots:

Firstly found myself at the Bourjois counter as I was in dire need of a top of my favourite foundation from them which is the Ten Hour Sleep Effect foundation.

This stuff really works for me, I get it in shade 71 which is Abricote Clair it is the palest shade that they do, but it really isn’t that pale a foundation, it’s a brightening foundation as it seems to be a peachy/apricot shade that warms the complexion. I have heard rave reviews about their healthy mix foundation but the shades that they have in that don’t really work for me, so I just stick to what I know works and for me this foundation does. Next on my list was a cream blush, I have been wanting to get a new one for a while and saw that Bourjois had come out with a new range of four. I managed to get my hands on number 04 Sweet Cherry, it seems to be a rosy pink colour with a slight orange ting to it when on the skin, so I’m not so sure how much of a cherry shade it is. I liked this one over the others as it has no glitter in it, whereas the others do which I’m not so keen on at the moment when it comes to blusher.

I was then simply looking when I came across the Revlon stand where they had their new Colour Stay Ultimate Suede lipsticks, so being as easily tempted as I am I bought two, 095 Finale and 097 Designer, which I though was very fitting being that I have just finished my design degree the week before.
They are both reds but very different if that makes any sense, I have been drawn to red lipsticks since purchasing my first Nars velvet matte lip pencil in red square. I love this pencil but as it’s a matte one it can be quite drying and I was also looking for a subtle red that I could get away with during the day.
The appeal with these is that they stay like the nars lip pencils but also have shea butter within them so that they will not be as drying. I can’t to start testing these out along with the bourjois blush.

From top to bottom: Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation, Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in Designer (097), Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in Finale (095), Bourjois Cream Blush 04 Sweet Cherry.

Having raided boots I had a few minutes to spare and decided to head to Lush. Now whenever I am anywhere that has a lush I feel like I can sniff it out from miles away, I love walking in and being hit by the scents of the various soaps, bath bombs, face scrubs and everything else that they sell. If they could bottle that whole shop smell up and make it into an air freshener or a candle I would be stocking up on it like there was no tomorrow!
As I do seem to go a little crazy every time I go in I had to limit myself to two items, which at the till altered to three!

The first purchase was The Comforter which is a bubble bar slice; this big one can last me 2 baths as I enjoy having loads of bubbles. It has a great sweet scent and leaves my skin feeling super soft after using it.

The next was the rose jam bubbleroon, which I love also; it is a rosey flowery scent which doesn't smell as much as old lady perfume as it sounds.

Finally as I got to the till I was guilt tripped into buying a small pot of their Charity Pot Hand and Body lotion, which I must admit does work. I tried a small amount as I left the shop and a small amount is all you need. It soaked right in and left my hands feeling soft and not greasy as some hand moisturisers can do. Though I have to say the scent of the moisturiser does not live up to the standards of the scents that they have for their other products which is a shame as it is a nice moisturiser.

Well with the severe lack of funding and also the fact that I don't actually now need anything new I think it will be a while till my next haul, which is a good thing I think, but we'll see how long that lasts!!

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