Hair Revival!

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So I haven't done my best at posting, but i'm improving, at least this time its in the same month this time!!!!

Any way, my hair as of recently hasn't been looking its best, the colour has faded and in my opinion always looked like it needed a good wash, even after I had just washed it. It was time for a revival!!!!
Excuse the no makeup, i'd just got back from the gym

I have had my hair red for a few years now, don't get me wrong I have loved it and love it one people who can pull it off, but I came to the decision that enough is enough for me and decided to go back to brown. Though just to point out my natural hair is a mousy, grey-ie brown (yes grey, I have found the odd grey hair and yes it was a bit depressing) so I decided on a darker brown similar to that of Lily Collins (who i'm a bit too obsessed with at the moment if i'm honest).

So to get rid of the bulk of the red in my hair I used a hair stripper, the one I purchased Adee Phelan Hair Colour Remover , no particular reason only that this was the only one for darker hair that they had in.

Though a warning if you are thinking of using one of these on any 'fashion colour' i.e. reds, purples, blue blacks etc, they don't fully get rid of the colour with your hair as colours like these go into the cuticles within your hair so for it to fully go it will have to either be grown out or done by a professional.

As well as the products you get thorough instructions and gloves

You combine the two eliminator bottles and put on dry hair for an hour, to help the process I put a plastic bag over the hair and then wrapped it in a towel so that the warmth from them will help in the process.

Another warning, the smell of the products isn't great, like a smell of unclean public toilets (yeah not so great) so make sure your in a well ventilated room when doing this.

This was the end colour after removing the eliminator and washing my hair 3 times with the buffer!

As you can see its now more of a ginger colour, which I definitely do not suit, so I went ahead and put a colour straight onto this, probably not great for my hair but it was either that or not leaving my room again till it was done! The colour I used was Garnier Nutrisse Crème Ash Mahogany 4.15 and this was the end result.

I'm pleased with the end result, there are still tinges of red in there but I'll just have to wait for those to grow out.

As I have been dying my hair since I was 16 this is nothing new to me, how about you?

Have any of you thought about using a hair stripper?

Speak soon 

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