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So I've been a bit c*** on the whole keeping my blog updated and i could come up with multiple excuses as to why but honestly they just wont cut it. So i am now forcing myself to blog at least every Saturday (i work full time so the last thing i want to do from staring at a screen all day is go and stare at another one, it doesn't put me in the greatest of moods). I want my blog to be something that i look forward to and not something that's a chore. I am going to update the site to make it a but more me, starting with the picture as the that was taken years ago.

So after blabbering on loads, what i'm trying to say is don't give up on me just yet, I have a load of ideas jotted down, so I know what I want to say its just finding the time to say it!

So after that pointless message i'll leave you with this image which I think should be very fitting with whats to come on my blog!!!

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