Brushes..... What, Where and Why!!!

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The Eye Frames

For my brows I normally brush, fill and brush again. I have quite long but thin brow hairs but there are quite a lot of them, so this step is a must if I don't want to look like Eugene Levy i.e. the dad in american pie, trust me its not a good look for a girl!

I use the Eco-Tools eyebrow brush/comb for the brushing and then a combination of the Eco-tools angled brush and the Real Techniques angled brow brush. They are both great, though the real techniques one is a bit to big for the front of my brows so the Eco-tools one is great for filling in the smaller areas.

The Eye Combo

Now I know to some that this may seem a lot just for eyes. But I feel like you can never have too many brushes just like you can never have too many bags or shoes right .......Right????

The real techniques shading brush, Mac 224 and the urban decay brush (came with Naked 1 palette, so not sure if you can buy it separately) are great for getting colour all over the lid. They are also super soft and are great with the eye shadow palettes that I have, so I can't see them not being great with any type of shadow.

The Mac 217 blending brush and the Real Techniques blending brush are great for using in the crease to get a defined look but also for blending out if you've gone for a heavier eye look to avoid harsh lines that may not be wanted. There is also the Mac 219 pencil brush  is great for not only applying eye shadow close to the upper and lower lash line but also if your looking to create a really defined dramatic look with precision.

The final Real techniques brush is great for applying a high light to the inner corner of your eyes, under the brows or really anywhere that you need a small brush to apply details to your look.

Now the two brushes that are left are the brushes that I use for applying gel liner, this being when i have the time and patience to do it. The black brush is the brush that came with the Maybelline Gel liner, which if slightly wet can create a smooth subtle line of the lids. The other is a cheap brush from eBay (sorry) but it is great creating a winged liner do to it being an angled brush you can easily sketch liners to slowly build up the heaviness of the liner.

Though on anther note I am looking at getting another liner brush, so if you have any recommendations then please let me know!!

The Canvas

Now you would be right in thinking that all of these are Real techniques brushes/sponge and you would be right. For me that is because they work really well with the products that i use them with and they are extremely well priced for the quality that the brushes are.

I don't think I could gush about these enough, they wash well and are super soft. I apply the foundation to my face and then blend it in with Miracle Complexion Sponge to get a smooth and even coverage. I then go over it with the Expert Face Brush to get an airbrushed effect with my foundation and then set with powder using the Foundation Brush. The smaller foundation brush I use to apply concealer and then blend that with the sponge again. To contour I use the contouring brush from the core collection as its great at applying colour but also getting a well blended look. Then I normally apply a cream blusher with the Stippling Brush, but it works well with any form of blush as it doesn't apply too much colour and you avoid looking like you've been on a 10 K run! 

Finally we have the small lip brush which does what it says on the tin, it applies lipstick smoothly and evenly to the lips and is great for those of us that need a little help in the lip area. I for one am always getting lipstick every where and can sometimes end up like i'm doing an impression of a clown, but this brush helps me avoid that!!

I clean my brushes once a week depending on how often I have used them obviously, but these all clean great and are ready to be used again within  a few hours. I would definitely recommend buying these if you haven't got them in your collection already and are great for those who are just starting up their makeup tool collection!!!

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