Night Time Routine Products!

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Night Time Routine Products!

So I have used many products in the past and I think I have found the perfect combination for my skin at the moment so I thought that I would share that with you!

I don't really have bad skin as such, its a bit oily in the t-zone, normal everywhere else though I have black heads that seem to have been there since the dawn of time (I've used everything so if you have anything that really works let me know), but bar those its pretty damn good avoiding that time if you know what I mean.

The bulk of these I use twice a week to give my skin a good cleanse the rest of the time I would use either cleanser.

The Philosophy Purity Cleanser I use if I have been wearing makeup throughout the day as I feel it gives a really good cleanse to the skin. The girl who showed me this was lovely, though she said apply it to a wet cotton pad, which for me didnt feel right. I would either use too much or too little product and would mean I would have to wash the excess off or do the process again. I think it is much easier to just squirt a walnut size amount into your hand and apply to a wet face, it lavas up really well and doesn't leave the skin feeling dry or oily.

The Cetaphil Skin Cleanser is great for if you don't have makeup on and you want to gently clean your skin as even without the makeup your skin will most likely be dirty due weather, pollution etc. Its high tolerance which I am assuming means that it can be used on any skin.

If I'm doing a full cleanse I follow the purity cleanser with the Philosophy Microdelivery Daily Exfoliator, though it is ok to use daily I don't think my skin needs it, so i just use this twice a week. Its really fine granuals that gently exfoliate your skin and it lavas up really well. Not to harsh on the skin, but it definitely leaves your skin feeling like its had a deep cleanse. After that I will follow up with the Aseop Parsley Seed Mask, this stuff is great, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin like all the other masks I have used, it is great if you have the odd occasional spot (that time situation I mentioned) and is really easy to clean of the skin once its dried.

Finally occasionally I will use a T-Zone Nose Pore Strip, I use these rarely as I'm not sure how much good they are actually doing for that area. When I peel it off it does feel like it is taking a layer of my skin off, so i'm unsure on these. Though most of the time I finish off with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, this is great for refreshing the skin after the cleanse that it has just had and also preventing the spots you may have had from returning.

Though the bulk of these products are quite expensive, to me they are worth the cost. As I only use these twice a week they do last a long time, meaning that I am not continually repurchasing these at the high price that they are.

Though I do love trying new things, so let me know if there is anything that you love to use on your skin or any products to definitely avoid!!!

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