Whats In My Bath/Shower!


Whats In My Bath/Shower!

I have seen a few vloggers do a vlog on this subject, but seeing as I don't vlog I thought I may as well do a blog post on this!

Currently I use L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner, my hair is very fine (damn fine hahaha.... sorry I had to) but there is a lot of it and would love for it to be thicker so if this helps that then i'm all for it. If not it seems to clean my hair relatively well and smells good so that's always a plus. I then use the serum mixed in with the conditioner once a week (that is if I remember) the serum itself doesn't particularly smell nice, though the conditioner covers it so there's no worry that your hair will smell of that.

Occasionally I will do a deep conditioning mask to repair the mass of damage that my hair has gone through by heat, dye etc the list goes on! I use the Frizz- Ease Intensive Mask as it adds the moisture that my hair needs to avoid looking like a scarecrow! I know there are probably masks that are more effective that you can make from ingredients that you already have at home, but i just don't have the patience for that, I wish I did.... but I don't!

For my body I love using the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash as its so refreshing and definitely wakes you up if your struggling in the morning, which I almost always am. I will occasionally use Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life this is great to use before shaving, tanning or if you just feel that you need to get rid of that dead skin that's lurking (gross I know but we all have it!) I love the smell of pretty much all the soap and glory products and if I could afford them all I would fill my entire house with them.

Now if I have had a damn stressful day or weekend I like to take the time out and have a bath, I know some say its not exactly great for you but for me there's nothing better than relaxing, reading a book in the bath to destress after the day. I would normally have a lush bath bomb for this (LOVE that place, wish they would bottle the scent of the whole shop) but at this moment in time I have Imperial Leather Blackberry and Wild Cherry Blossom, which smells amazing and a glug of this running hot water creates loads of lovely soft bubbles!

Now finally I would usually use a soap & glory moisturiser, though if im in a rush or not at home I will take with me the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser which is handy as it only takes a few seconds to do and isn't a pain when i'm gettting dressed. Though I find its not as moistursing as the soap & glory one, I think this will always be limited with in shower ones as no matter how good they are they are going to rub off some part when your drying yourself. But it mostly does the job!

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  1. Such a lovely post dear:))
    Your blog is very inspirational:)
    Would you mind checking out mine,and follow if you like?

    1. Well I am a bad blogger, I have only just worked out that people have been commenting, thank you so much, have to say love your blog, your photographs are amazing, you have a real talent!xxx


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