The Breakfast of Champions

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Or those of us with a hangover.

So as you may know (or not if your not from the UK) it has recently been a bank holiday and I feel I made the most of it (for once) and so thought I would share it with you guys!

Well as both my friends work in retail (though both not for much longer, they grow up so fast don't they!) it is hard to sort out nights out as I work during the week and they work whenever they are assigned a shift, which sometimes means mainly weekends. Though luckily they were both free the Monday of bank holiday, which meant a well earned night out was on the cards for sunday!!

After a lot of dancing (like an idiot in my case), probably a few too many drinks and getting in as the sun was rising we awoke needing something tasty/carby to hopefully mend the ailments of the night before.

Enter Moose Coffee.

I discovered this place from an Instagram post by Victoria, knowing that shes a Manchester based blogger I hoped that it wasn't a picture taken whilst she was in London and with a bit of research I found it was taken at Moose Coffee.
This place really is great, though if your not keen on breakfast foods your probably not going to enjoy it that much. Its like an American/ Canadian Dinner that does every breakfast food under the sun from eggs to porridge, pancakes to shakes this place does it all.

If you don't live near one of their Coffee shops I would not recommend looking at the menu because dear god it will make you want it all. I am usually sad enough that the times that I have gone I have had to look at the menu before hand as it is soo hard to choose and knowing how hungry I will be when I get there its best for everyone that I do this!!

This time I went for a Smoked Moose, glass of tap water and a pot of tea, a very civilized meal I feel in comparison to the night that was had before.

Two slices of thick brown bread, pretty sure they were thick enough to wedge a door open but tasted soo good, The butteryist scrambled eggs I have had, they were really light and tasty I could have eaten more, topped with a couple slices of smoked salmon. Just writing this is making me want it all over again and how cute is that milk jug!!

My friend went for bagels topped with spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and a side of smoked salmon, I had some food envy there that's for sure.

I would definitely recommend going if your in the Liverpool or Manchester area. The staff are really friendly and the service is really quick for how busy the place gets (especially on the bank holidays and weekends).

After the life saving food we went for a bit of a wander around Manchester and I may have made a few cheeky purchases from Zara, H&M and Space NK so there will be a haul/review post up soon I promise!

Have you ever been to moose coffee?

How did you spend your weekend?

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