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So as I love seeing what apps people love to use I thought that I would do one, to see if any of you use the apps I do, or if you have any you would recommend that you think I would like I would love that!

So I have to be honest and say that I haven't always been in the apple family, bar my iPod touch, the last thing I ever thought I would get was an IPhone 5s, yet here we are!

I have to say that if your not that tech savy, I would recommend an iphone. With my degree it was not only about the design but also the use of the product and how easy it would be for a user that knew nothing about the product, to be able to use it and how long this took them. As the interface is so good and easy to use that most people can get to grips with them very quickly.

So degree lecture over, these are the apps that I am loving at the moment.

- Instagram : Of course this is the top of my list, as weird as it sounds looking at pictures mostly of people who you have never and possibly will never meet, i'm hooked. Its like a little door way into peoples lives, but you don't feel like your intruding like crazy paparazzi as they have willingly posted the pics themselves. I have a whole range of people I follow, bloggers, MUA's, celebs, fitness coaches the list goes on.

- Facebook: Though not as keen as I used to be on this, I still go on now and then to see whats going on in peoples worlds, though it is great for seeing what my friends abroad have been up to.

- My Fitness Pal: This is great if your looking to loose weight and get in shape. It is basically a food diary on your phone, you enter your details and what you want to aim for and it then works out how many calories you should be having each day. Its great as you can actually see what you have been consuming, so you can see where you diet needs changing. It isn't just a diet app really it helps in changing your lifestyle which is better for you in the long haul!!

- Snapchat: This I wasn't as keen on to begin with, but I do find it fun when I get some "Stunning!!!" pics from my friends.

- Blinkbox: Is actually pretty good as you don't have to pay for it, and it means you can listen to music you ordinarily wouldn't. Which to me is a good think as I love finding new artists that I like.

Well I hope you enjoyed this and leave a comment if there's any apps that you re loving at the moment!

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25 Random Facts About Me!!

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So I have realised that I may have given you guys my opinions that for sure but you don't really know that much about me! So here are 25 random facts about me!

1- I am only superstitious about some things, but i do become a bit of freak about them! For example if i see one magpie on its own I have to salute it, this is from the whole magpie rhyme of one for sorrow, two for joy etc. Also I have been known to get nervous on Friday 13ths especially if I have plans or when I had coursework due!!!

2- I am a pescetarian, meaning that I eat fish but not meat. This is because i'm not keen on the taste of meat and not for any other reason before you meat lovers start to critises!

3- My favourite time of the year is Autumn (Fall) as it's (well it is normally) not too damp,cold or hot. I can't really handle extremes well!

4- I'm a dog person, not a cat one as you can see:
This is Ruby the Cockapoo!!

5- I'm like a magpie, I am attracted to anything glittery and shiny

6- I have two brothers
So cute when we were young, what happened!!

7- I love my food and if I didn't risk getting fat I would eat what ever and where ever all the time

8- I love to cook and bake, but only when I can be bothered

9- I love trashy TV as many call it, stick me infront of MIC,Towie, Ex on the beach or something simular and i'll be hooked

10- I'm very easily pleased, don't know if that is a bad or a good thing

11- My favourite colour is Purple

12- I Love reading, when I get time that is! I just love sitting down with a brew (cup of tea) and getting stuck in a good book

13- Though to contradict number 12 I can get easily distracted so I need to set myself a list of tasks to complete or else nothing gets done. (Hense why my blog is not as frequent yet, but i'm working on it I promise)

14-I try to always be positive, but I do have days where I just feel like saying 'I don't care any more!' (well probably something a bit less polite)

15- I love going the gym, as sad as this may seem to some of you, but it is true

16-I have a degree in Industrial Design and Technology which I studied for 4 years to achieve. In my final year I began to hate it, but I completed my degree and no one can take it from me!

17- I have a very eclectic taste in music, I can listen to almost all types of music

18- I love beards on guys, as long as  they are well maintained then its good with me

19- I go through spurts of being a clean freak and not giving a damn

20- I used to love playing Mario Brothers on the Nintendo, a proper 90's kid

21- I am normally on time or early form everything, it stresses me out if i'm late

22- My Favourite subject at school was product design hense the design degree

23- As much as I go to the gym, I don't have a great fitness level and i'm not great at sports

24- I love candles and if it wasnt a heath and safety hazard I would fill my room with them!

25- I hate feet, I can only just handle having feet myself so anyone trying to tough mine or touch me with their feet I totally freak out. Even writing this is making my skin crawl!!

I Hope you enjoyed this random facts, let me know if there's any you have that are the same!!

Speak Soon


May Favourites

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As many of my favourite bloggers do their May Favourites on YouTube I thought it was only right that I should do mine on here, so here we go.

They are a random collection of favourites from beauty bits to food and TV.

Beauty Favourites:

 - As it s meant to be summer, though you wouldn't be able to tell with the weather we are having, I decided to make myself feel more summery by paint my toe nails in a range of shades of greeny blues, so even though the sky may be not so blue my toes are instead (cheesy but hey its true).

- As I don't normally do my full makeup on a daily basis, if I am going any where, where I don't want to look like death I use this Exaggerate waterproof eye definer by Rimmel, its easy to use with twisting nib so no need to sharpen and once its on, its there till I remove it which is great if I need it to last all day. As well as that I use a couple of coats of Volumizer Ultra Black by Bourjois, I love this as it has to amounts of products that you can apply so you can use 1 if you just want a subtle look or 2 if you what a heavy amount of mascara.

- Now I needed a new moisturiser a couple of weeks ago and decided to go with the boots Botanics Shine Away day cream, I hadn't used it before and i bought it as it was relatively cheap and didn't look like it had too much rubbish in it. After having used this only a few times, i'm in love this stuff doesn't irritate my skin causing spots and it smells soo nice a really refreshing scent which is create to use first thing in the morning if you struggle to wake up like i don. I would fully recommend this to anyone who has combination oily to normal skin as it works on the oily areas but doesn't dry out the normal parts of my skin.

-I have loved using my Aesop Parsley Seed mask, I try to use it twice a week but it all depends on if I have time. It is really gentle mask but yet my skin feels like it has had a really deep clean after I have used it. Unfortunately it is on its last legs and I was unable to buy a replacement so instead I went for the Elemental Herbology Facial detox, i'm not sure how I feel about this one yet, so I will keep you posted on that.

-After I do a face mask I always follow up with Estee Lauder Night Repair, it helps ensure that any spots that I have just deep cleaned with the mask are totally on the way out. Though it may cost a lot I only use it at the most twice a week and even then I don't use a lot so it last a long time and to me is worth the money.

-Finally the last beauty item is the Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume, this stuff seems to be the only dry shampoo that works for me, it does spray out white into the roots but I then tip my head and rub it in so that it absorbs any excess oil that is there and boom, instant hair refresher with a bit more volume. As I don't like washing my hair too often using this means I only really have to wash my hair twice a week which is easier for me and better for my hair.

Non - Beauty Favourites:

Favourite Bloggers: 

I do read a lot of blogs but the two that i am always awaiting for their next post is Anna Saconne and The Londoner, I love their posts and seeing what they get up to in their day to day lives. I love reading the reviews of the products Anna uses and all the amazing food posts that the Londoner has, so much so that my mum is addicted to her lemon drizzle cake recipe.

Favourite Read:

I do read a lot when I have the time and this month my favourite read has to have been The Husbands Secret by Laine Moriarty, I have to admit that I did struggle to get into the book at the beginning as there a lot of peoples stories and you are jumping from one to another so it is a bit hard to understand who is who to begin with, but once your in the story is really good and there a few twists that I did not expect, I would fully recommend this to everyone.

Favourite Show:

The last favourite is the show that I have been addicted to this month, though I probably watch more Youtube channels than I do tv shows I have recently discovered Orange is the new Black thanks to my friend. Though I am now fully hooked it is such a good show and the second series came out yesterday on netflix so think im pretty much set for the next month on this, or weeks depending on how hooked I become.

So those are my favourites, have you have any products that you have loved this month?

Have you used any of my May Favourites?

Speak Soon

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