25 Random Facts About Me!!

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So I have realised that I may have given you guys my opinions that for sure but you don't really know that much about me! So here are 25 random facts about me!

1- I am only superstitious about some things, but i do become a bit of freak about them! For example if i see one magpie on its own I have to salute it, this is from the whole magpie rhyme of one for sorrow, two for joy etc. Also I have been known to get nervous on Friday 13ths especially if I have plans or when I had coursework due!!!

2- I am a pescetarian, meaning that I eat fish but not meat. This is because i'm not keen on the taste of meat and not for any other reason before you meat lovers start to critises!

3- My favourite time of the year is Autumn (Fall) as it's (well it is normally) not too damp,cold or hot. I can't really handle extremes well!

4- I'm a dog person, not a cat one as you can see:
This is Ruby the Cockapoo!!

5- I'm like a magpie, I am attracted to anything glittery and shiny

6- I have two brothers
So cute when we were young, what happened!!

7- I love my food and if I didn't risk getting fat I would eat what ever and where ever all the time

8- I love to cook and bake, but only when I can be bothered

9- I love trashy TV as many call it, stick me infront of MIC,Towie, Ex on the beach or something simular and i'll be hooked

10- I'm very easily pleased, don't know if that is a bad or a good thing

11- My favourite colour is Purple

12- I Love reading, when I get time that is! I just love sitting down with a brew (cup of tea) and getting stuck in a good book

13- Though to contradict number 12 I can get easily distracted so I need to set myself a list of tasks to complete or else nothing gets done. (Hense why my blog is not as frequent yet, but i'm working on it I promise)

14-I try to always be positive, but I do have days where I just feel like saying 'I don't care any more!' (well probably something a bit less polite)

15- I love going the gym, as sad as this may seem to some of you, but it is true

16-I have a degree in Industrial Design and Technology which I studied for 4 years to achieve. In my final year I began to hate it, but I completed my degree and no one can take it from me!

17- I have a very eclectic taste in music, I can listen to almost all types of music

18- I love beards on guys, as long as  they are well maintained then its good with me

19- I go through spurts of being a clean freak and not giving a damn

20- I used to love playing Mario Brothers on the Nintendo, a proper 90's kid

21- I am normally on time or early form everything, it stresses me out if i'm late

22- My Favourite subject at school was product design hense the design degree

23- As much as I go to the gym, I don't have a great fitness level and i'm not great at sports

24- I love candles and if it wasnt a heath and safety hazard I would fill my room with them!

25- I hate feet, I can only just handle having feet myself so anyone trying to tough mine or touch me with their feet I totally freak out. Even writing this is making my skin crawl!!

I Hope you enjoyed this random facts, let me know if there's any you have that are the same!!

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