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So as I love seeing what apps people love to use I thought that I would do one, to see if any of you use the apps I do, or if you have any you would recommend that you think I would like I would love that!

So I have to be honest and say that I haven't always been in the apple family, bar my iPod touch, the last thing I ever thought I would get was an IPhone 5s, yet here we are!

I have to say that if your not that tech savy, I would recommend an iphone. With my degree it was not only about the design but also the use of the product and how easy it would be for a user that knew nothing about the product, to be able to use it and how long this took them. As the interface is so good and easy to use that most people can get to grips with them very quickly.

So degree lecture over, these are the apps that I am loving at the moment.

- Instagram : Of course this is the top of my list, as weird as it sounds looking at pictures mostly of people who you have never and possibly will never meet, i'm hooked. Its like a little door way into peoples lives, but you don't feel like your intruding like crazy paparazzi as they have willingly posted the pics themselves. I have a whole range of people I follow, bloggers, MUA's, celebs, fitness coaches the list goes on.

- Facebook: Though not as keen as I used to be on this, I still go on now and then to see whats going on in peoples worlds, though it is great for seeing what my friends abroad have been up to.

- My Fitness Pal: This is great if your looking to loose weight and get in shape. It is basically a food diary on your phone, you enter your details and what you want to aim for and it then works out how many calories you should be having each day. Its great as you can actually see what you have been consuming, so you can see where you diet needs changing. It isn't just a diet app really it helps in changing your lifestyle which is better for you in the long haul!!

- Snapchat: This I wasn't as keen on to begin with, but I do find it fun when I get some "Stunning!!!" pics from my friends.

- Blinkbox: Is actually pretty good as you don't have to pay for it, and it means you can listen to music you ordinarily wouldn't. Which to me is a good think as I love finding new artists that I like.

Well I hope you enjoyed this and leave a comment if there's any apps that you re loving at the moment!

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