Chai Seed Pudding


I've been reading a lot lately about the chia seed pudding and I thought I would try out the craze. Chia seeds are high in fiber, protein, antioxidants, omega 3 and yet aren't that high in calories. If you were wanting to make this even healthier you could use soya milk and a less sugary sweetener instead of agave nectar.

The Items I used are:
- 1.1/2 Cup Milk
- 1/3 Cup Chia Seed
- 2 Tbsp Agave Nectar

I simply combined all the ingredients in a jar, gave it a bit of a shake and left it in the fridge overnight.
This is how it looked after mixing

When eating you can top with pretty much anything you fancy, I topped mine with a tablespoon of flax seeds and 1.1/2 of desiccated coconut.

I found it really tasty and when having it for breakfast didn't feel hungry till lunch time, which is a new to me.

Let me know if you have tried chia seed pudding and what you used.

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MIO Skin Care Review

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Well as I had seen a lot of bloggers/vloggers raving about MIO I decided that I needed to see the range that has got so many people talking about it.

I popped into Space NK in manchester and saw that they had two kits which contained the most popular of their range, these were entitled Strong is the New Skinny and Your Fit Skin For Life.

All of the products are made from good things and have no nastys in them that could harm or irritate your skin.

Strong is the new skinny:

The Activist: 

This is called a firming oil and from what I could work out is the oil version of the Future Proof moisturiser, but I could be totally wrong. I am not sure how 'firming' this oil is, i have used one of the tubes up and half of the second and i'm not going to lie my skin doesn't really feel any firmer. Of course I am not expecting a really dramatic change but I would have thought having nearly used two that I would notice some form of difference. It could be that I need to use it for longer for more of an affect, which I could understand if the price of it wasn't so high to replace it. Though it is great to use after shaving or having had a shower as it locks in lot of moisture and my old lady elbows have become really soft after using this.

Double Buff:

This is a dual action enzyme exfoliator, this stuff is really good in my opinion, you apply it to dry skin which I would never have thought of doing with an exfoliator. Though it does make sense as it gets any dry dead skin that is on the surface off, when you then wash it off in the shower your skin feels super soft. They say to do it twice a week which I think would be fine for all skin types as it doesn't really dry out the skin at all.

Future Proof:

Now this one is my favourite, it smells great, has the feel of a heavy body butter yet when it goes onto the skin it sinks in and is dry with in a few seconds. This is great for those that have dry skin yet struggle to find the time to moisturises as your not waiting around for a ages whilst your moisturiser drys. After having used up this, I went ahead and purchased the full size product as I am that in love with it. Though it may be expensive (£35 for 240ml) I think this is well worth that with how well it works.

Your Fit Skin For Life:

Boob Tube:

This is another one I wasn't so sure of, it claims to be a bust firmer but whether that is true im not so sure. I don't think I would repurchase this one, though it was nice to have an item that is dedicated to that area.

Workout Wonder:

This is a invigorating muscle motivating gel, they say to use this after you have had a hard workout to aid in the muscles relaxing. Which i have to agree with, though I would say don't use it on a cold night due to the ingredients in the product it has a very cooling affect on the skin. Though it does smell as though you have just spread toothpaste on your body, it does work but I would say that I will be able to use the small size for a while do to how little of it you actually need to apply.

The other item was the activist oil.

Well if I had to say I was going to buy any again it would most likely be the Future Proof and the Double Buff as these worked the best for me.

I hope you liked this post, have any of you used the MIO skincare range before?

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FOTN Purple Tones

I'm thinking this pose is a large improvement from how my face normally sits!!

Last saturday night was a night out for ne of my best friends 23rd, so I thought i'd show you guys the look I created for the evening.

As I was wearing practically all black I went for a smokey eye with a subtle tone of purple within it.

As I was using multiple shadows and wasn't really shore if I would like how it ended up I started with my eyes first, so that if i have any droppage of the shadows onto my face i could easily wipe them away.

Here are the items I used on my eyes:

As I did my makeup prior to getting to my friends I went all out again with some Ardell Demi Whispi's, I really like these eye lashes as they just add a bit of volume and length without being too much.

Here is what I used on my face:

Here are a few pics of the final look, I did like the look, but from the pictures it makes the eyes look a lot lighter than they actually were.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what you did and didn't like.

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June Favourites

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I can't believe it is July already, this year is going by far too quickly and its scary to think that this time last year I had finished my degree, where has the year gone!!

Sorry about  that depressing intro, here are the items I've been loving in June.

Beauty Favourites:

Lush I love Juicy Shampoo: So as I trying to grow my hair I am trying to avoid over working my hair, so reducing the amount I wash it (this is luckily easy thanks to batiste dry shampoo) and avoiding heat. So with dry shampoo in my hair, I feel like regular shampoo never really 'cleans' it, to the point that it needs washing again not long afterwards. This is great as it is a clarifying shampoo, though its made of natural ingredients, so no nastys are going to damage your hair. Many have said it leaves their hair feeling way too dry afterwards, but to me that just shows how clean my hair is and I just remember to do either a hair mask or a little extra condition afterwards and my hair is lovely and clean and last a lot longer between washes.

Impulse Body Spray (True Love, Secret Smile): As I go to gym every morning and some evenings, these are great to just chuck in your bag and go, they smell great, are fairly cheap and also don't have the weight of a glass bottle like a perfume. Also it reminds me of when I was 13 and used to douse myself with these and Charlie Red, like nearly a whole bottle in one day, oh dear!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (Ole Flamingo): I have only go the one of these and now regret not buying more at the time. They are really easy to use, so great for those who like a bold lip but haven't got a steady hand. The colour looks really good and lasts, I have worn this on a couple nights out and bar the odd touch up they really look bold, the one thing I would say when using these is DON'T forget to foundation your lips first as they really do have some staying power. I may have forgotten and woke up the next morning with it still on just in a slightly paler shade, OOpppsss!!!

MIO Futrue Proof: Now this stuff is amazing. I had read a few reviews of the MIO skin care range and decided to go  to Space NK in Manchester to have a look. I saw that they were doing two kits, which contained the more popular ones of their range in sample sizes, so I though rather tan going the whole hog I would buy these and test them out, a full review on these will be up once I have finished them, just so I can give a full and honest review of them. So from the sample of this I went ahead and bought the full thing, it is great it has the feel of a body butter, but dries within seconds which is great when i'm in a rush at the gym and don't have to wait for my moisturiser to dry. It smells great, doesn't have any nastys in it and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised for hours.

Non-Beauty Favourites 

Hotel Chocolate Cocoa Juvenate, Repose Treatment Candles: This was a birthday gift of my friend which I have been burning for a while and it has now burnt down to the bottom. I loved this it smells like a nice mens after shave, with and undertone of chocolate, which trust me smells nicer than it sounds. Its not an over powering scent and I would say it would make a great gift for someone who has everything, or the awkward person to buy for, which everyone has a friend like that.... right!!


I have been trying to eat healthier and snack on things that aren't mainly chocolate and crisps. The crisps I have replaced with popcorn as its a lot less calories, not as bad for you and then you still get the saltyness that you would have got from crisps.

Now the chocolate, that isn't as easy to replace, though I have now tried with Nakd Bars, Dates and Bounce Balls.

The nakd bars are made of natural ingredients that have been pressed into a bar, though they may not look that nice (they remind me of dog chews) they do taste really nice. The bounce balls also arent that appealing to the eye, but they do taste great (if you like peanuts) and also as they have a lot of protein in, they leave you feeling fuller for longer, which is great if your a constant snacker like me!!!


I haven't read this month as much as I would have liked to and you will see why in a sec, but the book that stood out to me was Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher. Though it is classed as a childrens book, I don't feel like its written like one. When I read it I felt it was just written as a book and didn't feel like I shouldn't be reading it due to the fact that it is a childs book. I mean I have read all the hunger games books (which if you haven't read them, 1 where have you been and 2 get them read asap) which are childrens books, but i loved them just as much.


These are the reasons I haven't read so much, having subscribed to Netflicks recenlty, soley to watch Orange is the New Black (which I have now finished series 2). I then became hooked to American Horror Story and Rude Pauls Drag race. AHS is basically horror stories in different settings, but the same cast is used in each series coming back as different characters, I love it and can't wait to watch the next series which is Coven. On the other side of the spectrum is Rude Pauls Drag Race, which is basically a drag version of Americas Next top Model, it does take the mick of ANTM in parts and I LOVE it, if you like ANTM you will love this as it is just a vamped up version, with more makeup, better catwalks (they look amazing all the time, god damn them!) and more bitchyness.

I hoped you enjoyed my montly favs, let me know what yours were.

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Face for the Evening

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Don't worry I didn't look like that all night!!
So I went out for a colleagues evening wedding do and decided to show you guys what I used.

Face Makeup

These are all the products that I used on my face, though it doesnt look like a lot when its one I do use quite a few. What I always do is take my time buffing the products into my skin, this gives the closest to an airbrush finish that I can get and helps in evening out skin tone/spots.

I do like playing with colour but I decided to stick with a nude look, using my inglot pallet and my trusty Naked 1 Palette. Apologies about the casing but that is the only thing giving away that its old, I have only just touched the pan on one of the colours!

I also decided to use some lashes as I had the time and to add a bit more drama to the look, ordinarily I wouldn't unless i'm feeling really patient as half the time they end up half way up my eye lid or sticking my eye shut! (Needing more practise at this I think)

I am in no way a makeup artist, but its something I enjoy doing, which is why in September I am starting a Media Hair and makeup course and I can't wait. I will be doing makeup, wig fitting, hair cuts/styling, prosthetics and much more. I can't wait, it will be 1 day a week and hopefully i'll be able to blog the time i spend there!

I hope you enjoyed this post as I hope to do more like this in the future.

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