Face for the Evening

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Don't worry I didn't look like that all night!!
So I went out for a colleagues evening wedding do and decided to show you guys what I used.

Face Makeup

These are all the products that I used on my face, though it doesnt look like a lot when its one I do use quite a few. What I always do is take my time buffing the products into my skin, this gives the closest to an airbrush finish that I can get and helps in evening out skin tone/spots.

I do like playing with colour but I decided to stick with a nude look, using my inglot pallet and my trusty Naked 1 Palette. Apologies about the casing but that is the only thing giving away that its old, I have only just touched the pan on one of the colours!

I also decided to use some lashes as I had the time and to add a bit more drama to the look, ordinarily I wouldn't unless i'm feeling really patient as half the time they end up half way up my eye lid or sticking my eye shut! (Needing more practise at this I think)

I am in no way a makeup artist, but its something I enjoy doing, which is why in September I am starting a Media Hair and makeup course and I can't wait. I will be doing makeup, wig fitting, hair cuts/styling, prosthetics and much more. I can't wait, it will be 1 day a week and hopefully i'll be able to blog the time i spend there!

I hope you enjoyed this post as I hope to do more like this in the future.

Speak Soon

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