FOTN Purple Tones

I'm thinking this pose is a large improvement from how my face normally sits!!

Last saturday night was a night out for ne of my best friends 23rd, so I thought i'd show you guys the look I created for the evening.

As I was wearing practically all black I went for a smokey eye with a subtle tone of purple within it.

As I was using multiple shadows and wasn't really shore if I would like how it ended up I started with my eyes first, so that if i have any droppage of the shadows onto my face i could easily wipe them away.

Here are the items I used on my eyes:

As I did my makeup prior to getting to my friends I went all out again with some Ardell Demi Whispi's, I really like these eye lashes as they just add a bit of volume and length without being too much.

Here is what I used on my face:

Here are a few pics of the final look, I did like the look, but from the pictures it makes the eyes look a lot lighter than they actually were.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what you did and didn't like.

Speak Soon 

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  1. Lashes are amazing!!!
    Love your eyebrows as well:)
    I would love to see you on my blog.
    Keep in touch xoxo

    1. I know i love demi whispis they really complete a look, thanks would love to have brows like cara d or lily collins but think I would look an idiot with those!xxx


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