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Well as I had seen a lot of bloggers/vloggers raving about MIO I decided that I needed to see the range that has got so many people talking about it.

I popped into Space NK in manchester and saw that they had two kits which contained the most popular of their range, these were entitled Strong is the New Skinny and Your Fit Skin For Life.

All of the products are made from good things and have no nastys in them that could harm or irritate your skin.

Strong is the new skinny:

The Activist: 

This is called a firming oil and from what I could work out is the oil version of the Future Proof moisturiser, but I could be totally wrong. I am not sure how 'firming' this oil is, i have used one of the tubes up and half of the second and i'm not going to lie my skin doesn't really feel any firmer. Of course I am not expecting a really dramatic change but I would have thought having nearly used two that I would notice some form of difference. It could be that I need to use it for longer for more of an affect, which I could understand if the price of it wasn't so high to replace it. Though it is great to use after shaving or having had a shower as it locks in lot of moisture and my old lady elbows have become really soft after using this.

Double Buff:

This is a dual action enzyme exfoliator, this stuff is really good in my opinion, you apply it to dry skin which I would never have thought of doing with an exfoliator. Though it does make sense as it gets any dry dead skin that is on the surface off, when you then wash it off in the shower your skin feels super soft. They say to do it twice a week which I think would be fine for all skin types as it doesn't really dry out the skin at all.

Future Proof:

Now this one is my favourite, it smells great, has the feel of a heavy body butter yet when it goes onto the skin it sinks in and is dry with in a few seconds. This is great for those that have dry skin yet struggle to find the time to moisturises as your not waiting around for a ages whilst your moisturiser drys. After having used up this, I went ahead and purchased the full size product as I am that in love with it. Though it may be expensive (£35 for 240ml) I think this is well worth that with how well it works.

Your Fit Skin For Life:

Boob Tube:

This is another one I wasn't so sure of, it claims to be a bust firmer but whether that is true im not so sure. I don't think I would repurchase this one, though it was nice to have an item that is dedicated to that area.

Workout Wonder:

This is a invigorating muscle motivating gel, they say to use this after you have had a hard workout to aid in the muscles relaxing. Which i have to agree with, though I would say don't use it on a cold night due to the ingredients in the product it has a very cooling affect on the skin. Though it does smell as though you have just spread toothpaste on your body, it does work but I would say that I will be able to use the small size for a while do to how little of it you actually need to apply.

The other item was the activist oil.

Well if I had to say I was going to buy any again it would most likely be the Future Proof and the Double Buff as these worked the best for me.

I hope you liked this post, have any of you used the MIO skincare range before?

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