Brighton Day 3

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Well as we didn't feel too bad today, though we did have a major lie in we were ready and raring to go. As I like to be organised (as in possibly a bit OCD about plans) we had decided that we would afternoon tea on the Sunday, to make us feel like proper grown ups! I had a bit of a look on the web and came across Talk of Tea which is a tiny little tea shop in what looks like the downstairs of someones house. But don't let that fool you, it has the largest selection of teas I've seen and that's not the even the hardest choice to make.

For the afternoon tea you each choose your sandwiches, your tea, then select from the homemade cakes they have on display and top it off with 2 scones with jam and clotted cream. Well I tried my best but I just couldn't finish off mine but it was great, and the price wasn't too bad either.

After some wandering we decided that we wouldn't live to see another night out and decided on a late dinner and a trip to the cinema to Imbetweeners 2 (which wasn't really that great for me as im not a massive fan of sick or poop!).

Though where we went for dinner was a whole other story, we had walk past this place a couple times whilst in Brighton and decided that it would be a crime to come all this way and not have at least one meal with seafood in it, though we made up for this by having a starter as well!

The place is Fishy Fishy and it looks like a small restaurant on the outside, but what you don't realise is that its built in a slim but tall town house, though with the weather being nice we decided to sit outside. I started with the fish tacos and SS started with the salt and pepper squid.

These were so great the taco was so tasty with the avocado and tomato contrasting with the crispy taco shell and then the fresh fish, I sneaked a bit of the squid and it was great, cooked just right and not rubbery like you sometimes get.

I then went for Mussels in a white wine sauce with chips and SS went for the traditional fish chips and mushy peas. These were great as they were both so fresh even though it was so late on in the day,If your a big seafood person I would recommend this place as they have lots too offer, the staff are really nice and the service is pretty quick to say that they were nearly full inside the restaurant.

Rather than bore you to death I'll save day 4 for another post.

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