Brighton Day 4

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So as it was our last day we had decided to get our backsides up and out so that we could get all the goodies we wanted and make the most of our last day there.

But as they say you should always start the day with a decent breakfast and Bills lived up to this.

Bills is the place that anyone from down south will tell you you just have to go there and thank goodness we did. Myself and SS went for the vegi breakfast, hers with a black coffee, myself with a breakfast tea which came in the biggest pot for 1.

The food looked and tasted amazing, with the cute and kitsch surroundings,along with the lovely service myself and SS were very happy that we visited and would recommend anyone near a Bills to go if you haven't already.

We headed out to get all the items we wanted, of which a haul shall be coming soon and ended up taking a bit longer than we thought it would. Whilst I had finished, SS had a few more things to get but my feet were most definitely barking, so I headed to a coffee shop we had visited the previous day to have a drink read and avoid looking at my bank balance!!

Messing around with my new toy, a lense for my iphone

It was a cute little coffee shop and really reasonably priced, so much so we decided to grab breakfast there the next day before we left.

After catching up we went for a wander on the pier before heading back to dumb our bags and head out for dinner.

We decided to eat at Burgers & Cocktails, which even from the name of the place doesn't feel like you could be disappointed. It is brought to us from the Giraffe chain, which I only realised when I tried to look at the menu and it kept taking me to the giraffe website.

Its a bit of a retro/vintage restaurant with a twist on the foods you would get in giraffe. I got the fish finger caesar burger, with a side of crinkly fries and a mac and cheese wheel - mac and cheese deep fried with a side of sauce,what is not to like!

I reasoned that it was ok to have this much as I had only had breakfast that day so it would  be like having lunch and dinner at the same time, right that's not too bad is it???

The food was great and after an evening stroll back through the pier we were more than ready to head back and get ready for the departure the next day, which I was too excited for, you'll have to come back to see why??!!!??

Hope you guys enjoyed this and let me know if you've been to Brighton before and your experiences.

Speak Soon

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