Brighton Days 1 & 2

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My best friend and I recently headed down to Brighton for a long weekend break away from work, family and other stresses, to hopefully have a chilled and lovely time in Brighton.

The plan originally was to go on a amazing trip abroad with sun,sea and sand. The only 2 problems that we had was time and also money (two kinda important thing when it comes to holiday planning if you didn't know this already).

We headed down on the train, which actually when your in good company doesn't feel as long as it takes. We arrived around 3ish and headed (by taxi, I just did not have the energy to walk) straight to the hostel. We decided a hostel was the best plan for us as it meant we could eat when and where we wanted and also as we did plan on going on nights out they had no closing time, which is great when you are having a great time and come to realise its 3am!!!

The hostel room itself was very 'hostely', we luckily enough had a double room to ourselves and after a power nap (due to someone having a sugar crash from a whole bag of percy pigs!!) we refreshed ourselves and headed out.

Having never been to Brighton I had no clue where to go, but was more than up to exploring. After wandering around for a while our stomachs were telling us we needed to find somewhere asap. As I am a pescetarian normally I can eat in most places but nothing was calling out to us, until we discovered Fil Fil. Now if your into vegi mezze and falafal then you most definitely need to visit here. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take a picture of my food, but I promise you it was one of the greatest mezzes I have had and if its your type of food you won't be disappointed.

The camera didn't leave the room after that, which was lucky as we may have had one too many drinks. The following day we had a lazy get up and headed for breakfast at starbucks as I needed a large tea stat!! After having my fill of tea and my hangover slowly fading we head out for a wander round to properly explorer brighton.

Now I was under strict instructions to visit Choccy woccy doodah, my mums a bit obsessed with the programme. The work that they do is amazing and I am still amazed at how all the displays are in perfect condition when the shop can get rather warm!!

Some of the amazing cakes at choccy woccy

Massive cotton balls that are wrapped around fairy lights, definitely an investment once I have my own place.

After wandering for a while and a lot of window shopping, we decided that we could probably manage proper food now and headed to Food for Friends. Now I had never been here but we had heard that the food was great and there was a 30 minute wait for a table, which to be a place being popular is never a bad sign.
All the menu there is vegi friendly and if needs be they can alter items to gluten free or vegan friendly depending on what you want! I had the Haloumi Burger which was amazing, whilst SS went for the Marinated stuffed aubergine, which looked great and she said it tasted just as good as it looked. 

Though the wait for the table was a while the staff were really nice and the food didn't take long at all to come out. I would recommend going and even if the queue is long, trust me it is most definitely worth the wait. We decided to skip desert there as we had already spotted on our wander a little cake shop which sound some amazing treats, so we headed there instead.

Cloud 9 another place you can only find in brighton is a cute little cake and ice cream shop where they make all the products that they sell there themselves, including the ice cream..... I know amazing, probably a good thing they don't have them up north!!

I went for pistachio and JAM DONUT, yes you read that right jam donut ice cream which is one of the greatest ice creams I have ever had and yes I am a connoisseur of ice creams. I didn't get a chance to try their cakes as I was nearly exploding from the mass of ice cream I had eaten, but they all looked amazing!

We went for a another wander in an attempt to de-bloat from all the tasty food we'd had, having never been to brighton I didn't know how great a place it was, everyone fits in here, there's no set way of dressing and there is always something to do.

After feeling like we would be able to fit into tighter clothing, we headed back and got changed for another girly night out. We were meeting a friend of SS and a couple of her friends for dinner and drinks before heading on to a club. As we were all looking for a cheaper night we headed to Pompoko, it is a little Japanese restaurant where for £1.50 you can bring your own alcohol which is pretty decent, if your a classy bird like myself you head to Tesco and get 4 ciders for £4 and then the dishes only being a couple of pounds each its hard to say no really. The food is really good and they cover all food bases, from your standard chow mein, chicken curry to pumpkin curry which sounds strange but I tried some of SS's and it was really good.
Again the camera stayed in the room,which is good for all I feel as I tend to embarrass myself when a camera and alcohol are in the same situation.

I hope you enjoyed this post and days 3&4 should be up soon.

Speak Soon

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