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So as you can guess I'm late again to the clique of beauty boxes, but here is what I got and thought of the September Look Fantastic Beauty Box.

I have never really been into the whole beauty box thing, I thought that as good as they seem, it was a lot of money for small products that I wouldn't get much out of and that some I probably wouldn't repurchase. I could be totally wrong but what is the point of sending out a product that you only see benefits from using after 2 weeks of use and you only receive enough for 2 days! Are you really going to spend a lot (as god knows the products that are sent out aren't cheap) on a product that may not work for you?

With this beauty box the product sizes are pretty decent and are well known product favs among the beauty bloggers, well I think I have seen them on pretty much most beauty blogs I have read.

These are all products that I would be interested in trying out but are a but expensive to invest in for them to not be for me, so this box is great for that. I can't wait to try them out, but not so great if I fall in love with them. I'll keep you posted on that part.

The September box is sold out after the massive buzz they have had over it, but you can go to Lookfantastic and pre-order their October box, which if this is the September one i can only imagine the amazing goodies in the October one!!!

What do you think, what are your opinions on beauty boxes, great or a waste of money???

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