Treating Myself Haul!!!

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As you may guess from the title this is a haul from when I was just having a bit of a dull week and needed a pick me up!

Quite a few of these items I actually needed so I didn't really feel that guilty about getting these. Though what I have not pictured is the cheeky bits I purchased from forever 21, shhh that's just between you and me!!

First up are a few boring items, as whenever I attempt to paint my nails it seems to peel off within  a day and that's if I am lucky. I paint my nails in thin layers like they say, I do my base and top coat like a good girl but it still happens. I thought that if I attempted to dry my nail out that the polish may stay put longer and I would hate my nails a bit less. For this I invested in a new nail buffer (including some buffer blocks but they came in the post after this) a nail drying solution and the very popular seche vite quick dry top coat. I have to say I have tried this combination out and after three days only a couple of pealed, so for me it is working I just need to keep trying and it should slowly improve.

Next up I popped into Holland and Barrett for a few bits, some magnesium as Morgan Stewart from the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (yes i'm obsessed) swears by it for 'clearing out' if you know what I mean, was that too much detail, I don't think so!

I have also needed to get an eye cream as I have found my eyes are really dry at the moment and though my face moisturiser is great, it isn't really for that area. I decided to go for the DR Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Eye Perfect which is great as its all good stuff no nasty chemicals and with it being the coconut oil it is really moisturisng. I am loving this so far and as you only need a little bit I can see this lasting a while and its relatively inexpensive which is always a plus. The other item I bought from the Dr Organic range was the Morrocan Argan Oil day cream as I have been looking for a replacement for my MIO body lotion, as good as that is, it is expensive and it doesn't last all the long. The Dr organic one is said to be fast drying and I can agree with that, but I'm not sure just how moisturising it actually is, I will have to keep you posted on this one.

Now I am not the best at replacing products when they should be, I probably have a load of lotions,shampoos etc. just sitting there with their 12m on and it is most definitely over 12 months!! So I finally bought a new mascara, I bought a waterproof one as they are meant to be the best to use after curling your lashes as it makes the curl last longer and boy does it. This is just a cheap and cheerful one from MUA at Superdrug and it pretty much does the job for length and then I go over this with a soap and glory one for thickness.

The final beauty item is the Big Easy BB Cream from Benefit, now I know I always say that I hate paying for expensive items when I am unsure whether it will actually be right for me. But this purchase was influenced by a recommendation that Gabi aka Velvet Ghost made on her YouTube channel recently. She said that its great for people who have slightly oily skin as once applied to the skin it goes like a powder, great for me as my skin is combination normal to oily and mainly oily in my t-zone. I also don't really like applying a foundation during the day as I feel like its too heavy for what I want so I am excited to use this and shall let you know what I think soon.

Finally we have the book Welcome To The Real World, this has been recommended by many along with #BossGirl (which I am also looking at getting). I thought that this one was a bit more fitting for me, I have been out of uni a year now and have become stuck in a rut and many said that if they had had this when they were 20 it may have spurred them on a bit quicker so I thought I would have a gander at it.

Have any of you guys used any of these products, what do you think?

Speak Soon 

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