Halloween Look 3

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So though I will be doing four looks this will be the last one before Halloween (the fourth one will be the look I do for actual Halloween).

Now I decided to try and test myself an do my first sugar skull, with no practice as I like a challenge (or am just stupid you pick). Now I know its not the best one around but for a first attempt and also working with rubbish face paints (that'll show me for going buying cheap ones from the supermarket!). But all in all its not the worst and if I ca do this, the talented ones among you will be far better!!

Yes the dragged through a hedge look is in this autumn winter season, didn't you know!!!

Now the only problem with doing a look like this is having a steady hand, it helps getting the shapes really defined and the smaller more intricate parts to look neat, which I may have failed at!

Now I didn't actually use that many products, it was mainly the white and black face paints that were used the most, which if you are going to do this look and want it to look good i would suggest investing in some decent face paints, though it may seem much for one night they last forever and at least for this you only need black and white, the rest can be eye shadows you already have!

I would also say that you can learn from my mistakes and practice before you plan on wearing the look. You wouldn't want to look like the goon in the picture below.

You will have to wait till next week to see the look that I went for this Halloween, though I'll give you a clue shes green!!!!

I hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween if you are celebrating and leave a link or tweet me with your looks you went for this year as I love seeing what everyone else has decided to go as!!!

Speak soon


Halloween Look 1!!

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As it is drawing ever closer to Halloween and the inevitable halloween parties will be happening, i though i would do a few looks which are pretty simple to recreate at home with the  makeup you already have and also do not include blood. Now i'm all in favour of a bit of gore now and then, but i thought it would be nice to do some looks that didn't include fake blood just because I know how much of a pain it is to remove after a night out. The amount of lectures i would turn up to at uni and see numerous people still wearing part of their outfit from the night before, just because it wouldn't come off!!

Now the first look is a Great Gatsby, dead flapper inspired look, which is pretty simple and easy to do if you are limited in the costume department and want to go in something you already have, rather than spending a fortune on something you may only wear once!

You could even take this look one step further and add some talc to your hair and add some of the Eylure Spooky lashes which look like cobwebs, to really look like you've be raised from the dead! 

These are the products that I used to create the look, I started with my normal base that I wear for nights out, which at the moment is the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundationStay Matt Pressed Powder and Anastasia DipBrow Pomade. Though if you wanted you could go for a lighter shade of foundation to make yourself look paler, I thought my skin was pale enough to start with as the darkness of the look can be quite draining. I then went for a extreme smokey eye, starting with a dark grey from my Inglot palette and getting darker by using the black from my Blush Cosmetics palette. Sticking with the blacks but also adding a little bit of the glittery shades and red to under the eye to get closer to the un-dead look. I then also took the black eye shadow where I would normally contour to make the face look more sunken in. I then finished off the look with a combination of Lasting finish lip liner and two Lasting Finish Liptsicks by Kate Moss.

I hope you enjoyed this look and let me know if you recreate this yourself!

Hope you look forward to the next halloween look!

Speak soon 


Random Life Post

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This is a bit of a random post, so I am unsure how to start it so I'm just going to say what I want in the hopes that you'll like it.

The whole reason for me starting this blog was basically somewhere to write down the things that I didn't really want to bore my friends and family with, I never actually thought that anyone would read it. So the fact that there are people out there reading this is just crazy to me, plus the fact that not all of you are from the UK is just something I can't comprehend.

Its one of those, you like me.... you really like me moments:

It really is just crazy to me and I'm sorry but I don't think I'll get over that, no matter how many of you there are, I will always be grateful for that. As is every blogger I feel.

Now I started this blog after leaving university, I had finished a course that I had started to hate in my final year and panicked with the fact that I had no clue what to do. I feel I had only gone to uni because everyone else was and I didn't want to miss out on what people say are the greatest years of you life. Now don't get me wrong I did enjoy uni and I wouldn't be where i am today if I hadn't met the people I know now and did what I did whilst I was there, but in the end the course I had chosen just wasn't the best career choice for me. Which I later found out is the same for loads of people who go to uni, so don't panic if you feel that way as your most definitely not alone.

As I knew I wasn't going down said career path, I was going crazy thinking what I wanted to do. I had gone back to work for my dad which I had done over the summers that I was at school, but as much as I don't mind working there I didn't want to be stuck there and end up hating my job and not enjoying myself.

Now I have always loved makeup, loved being creative and knowing that you can do so many different things all on your face! I know someone who runs a makeup boutique, she does makeup for evenings, weddings and much more. I asked her where she trained and what she thought and she convinced me to go for it, the fact that even if i change my mind again that no one can take the qualification away from me and if I decided to use it later on I can.

Well nearly a year down the line and I have started said course and though I am only 2 weeks in I am loving it. It is at Aqua Rosa Makeup in media city Manchester, its 1 Friday a week for a year and will be covering everything from day/evening makeup, film/TV makeup, wigs, special effects, body painting and everything in between. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen the first 2 looks I have done.

Though its a long winded way of doing things, I hope that this shows that you can do anything you want and that only you are stopping yourself from doing it. It may take time to get where you want to be, but the work and effort you put in will all be worth it in the end.

A bit deep for a Wednesday so I'll leave you with this:

A few cut disney gifs to perk it up.

Speak Soon


September Favourites!!

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As if it is October already, that to be is just crazy but here are my September favourites.

First up I have been loving my new hair combination of the three Keratase products which I purchased in my Brighton & London Haul. They are repairing the damage that I caused with dying and stripping my hair. Hopefully using this combination will help my hair to grow, keep in a good condition and also smell amazing, trust me the heat protection cream is the best one I have ever smelt!!

Another couple of favourites that were also purchased in the above haul are the Mac Fix Spray and 
Mac Paint Pot in Painterly. The fix spray is great for making makeup last, especially on a night out in a stuffy club! Now I can't believe I have lived without this paint pot for so long, its great for a base for shadow or just on its own. You can see the veins on my eye lids quite clearly, so this is great for if I want to wear minimal makeup but at least make some sort of an effort!

The Anastasia Dip Brow is another beauty item that has been a fav of mine this month, I can't believe how easy this is to use, simply brush through, brush on and your ready to go. It does take a bit of getting used to if you don't normally used this type of product on your brows but it is great once you have got over the initial first use.

As I haven't always been great for moitursing I have tried to improve this in September, I had bought a product from Holland and Barrett, but I didn't feel like it moisturised that well. I popped into Tesco and purchased this baby moisturiser, my thoughts were that if it is good enough for a baby it should be good enough for me right. Well I feel like it is a lot more moisturising that the dr organic one I got, it drys quickly and pretty damn cheap (£1).

Next is a perfume Eau Nude I bought a while ago from Next and have been using every day since, it is a great sent,relatively inexpensive and lasts for a quite a while. This s a great option if your wanting to get a cheap and cheerful perfume that will fit in your handbag and go anywhere with you.

Now this is a bit of a weird favourite but I have been loving Extra White Bubblemint, its great if our craving something sweet but not wanting to actually eat anything.

Now this one shouldn't actually be a monthly favourite seeing as I only bought it last week, but how could I not include this little cutie. Its a pig in a tiara, what is not to like???

Now my final two monthly favourites have been TV shows, thanks to Netflix i have become addicted to Ru Paul's Drag Race, to the point I have watched all the seasons now and am in remission for an addiction I can't help. The other is Dr Who, yes I am a whovian and proud!Now I wasn't so sure how I would feel about the new doctor but I was exactly the same when Matt Smith  came along and I ended up loving him. Now the first episode I didn't love but I have to say that they have improved since then and am still hooked and look forward to the next episode!!

What are your September Favourites? 

Are there any of the above that you have tried out?

Speak Soon

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