Halloween Look 3

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So though I will be doing four looks this will be the last one before Halloween (the fourth one will be the look I do for actual Halloween).

Now I decided to try and test myself an do my first sugar skull, with no practice as I like a challenge (or am just stupid you pick). Now I know its not the best one around but for a first attempt and also working with rubbish face paints (that'll show me for going buying cheap ones from the supermarket!). But all in all its not the worst and if I ca do this, the talented ones among you will be far better!!

Yes the dragged through a hedge look is in this autumn winter season, didn't you know!!!

Now the only problem with doing a look like this is having a steady hand, it helps getting the shapes really defined and the smaller more intricate parts to look neat, which I may have failed at!

Now I didn't actually use that many products, it was mainly the white and black face paints that were used the most, which if you are going to do this look and want it to look good i would suggest investing in some decent face paints, though it may seem much for one night they last forever and at least for this you only need black and white, the rest can be eye shadows you already have!

I would also say that you can learn from my mistakes and practice before you plan on wearing the look. You wouldn't want to look like the goon in the picture below.

You will have to wait till next week to see the look that I went for this Halloween, though I'll give you a clue shes green!!!!

I hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween if you are celebrating and leave a link or tweet me with your looks you went for this year as I love seeing what everyone else has decided to go as!!!

Speak soon

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