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All These Amazing People *
Now these are just some of the few blogs that I look to for inspiration whether that is for style/makeup inspiration,life,motivation or just a general envy of their life activities in their posts. They have all shown me in one way or another that you can really achieve anything if you really put your mind to it.

They are split into types of blogs but some cover more that just that aspect.

Style Blogs:

Kenza Or Kenza Zouiten is a 23 year old Swedish/Moroccan girl who can do and does everything and anything. She is a stunning model, designer, has an amazing blog, the cutest dog and manages to have a life and get some sleep and not look like absolute rubbish the next day. I honestly don't know how she does it I bow down to her and her amazing sense of style. I love looking at what shes wearing and gain some inspiration from the outfits she puts together,

ThankFifi Or Wendy started from her friend (Fifi) having a conversation with her and convincing her to start up a fashion blog and thank god she did. She does cover other areas but I mainly go on there to look at her outfit combinations, she seems to manage to put together outfits so effortlessly and looks amazing. She can add a few simple accessories to a look and look so put together, where as if I tried that I would just look a hot mess. Also she is another blogger who has one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen.

The Little Magpie or Amy is another amazing fashion blogger, I love how she can take something that to us mere mortals would be a bit risque (or look like a dogs dinner) and she pulls them off. Honestly I don't think I have seen a post where I have thought 'now that's just a little too much', she puts items together that I would never think of, or you would think wouldn't look right but they just work!

Beauty Crush or Sammi is someone who is one of the first you tubers I started watching quite a while ago and it only made sense for me to follow her blog as well. She has a style that I love and I find it great that she mixes more expensive pieces with pieces from H&M or places similar. Also another blogger with a gorgeous dog ( I promise I don't just follow bloggers for their pets!)

Makeup Inspiration:

Linda Hallberg Is an amazing makeup artist and as far as I can see model from time to time. She has such an amazing talent and I would love to be able to reach that standard (hopefully I will now that I have started my course eeehhh, but more about that later). I don't know how she comes up with the combinations that she does but they always look perfect and nothing is out of place. 

Sandra Holmbom is another amazing makeup artist who is sooo talented its just not fair. She manages to do some amazing detailed looks on such a small place, it just looks to good to remove from your face.


Fit Sugar on Pop Sugar is a great site if your looking for motivation of inspiration when it comes to fitness. The site is filled with workout ideas, food plans, recipes its all there. They even do articles about fads or new diets and what they really think, which is great if your stuck in a bit of a rut and want to try out a new diet but are unsure of what it actually entails.

Fit Girl Code is similar to fit sugar, it has practically everything fitness related on their, from fitness clothes to workouts and product reviews. The difference in this is they give honest reviews and you can see who in the company has written the article and their honest thoughts on said subject.

Alexandra Bring is a fitness blogger that shows that you won't look crazy muscly when you lift weights. She is a stunning girl who worksout, a fitness model and is currently studying to be a personal trainer. She is amazing and her story is great if you look, she used to quite small and didn't like how thin she was. So she started to focus on exercising and what she ate to gain weight and muscle and I think she is in amazing shape and would kill to be as fit as she is!


The Londoner Now if you haven't heard of Rosie in the blogging world where on earth have you been? She has an amazing blog and varys from fashion, holidays, food and her own recipes (which I have to say her lemon drizzle cake is AMAZING).  Her style is very simple and classic which I like and she goes to the most amazing places, with her adorable dog custard in toe of course. 

Heroine In Heels  or Laura is similar to me in that she did a degree, started a blog as a hobby and works full time, thought think that's where are lives stop being similar. She has an amazing job in London and then manages to write a blog, goes to amazing places (as seen on her blog), have a boyfriend and finds time to sleep! I really don't know how she does it but I want to learn her skills. I love seeing parts of London I wouldn't ordinarily be able to see and she writes it as though she is just talking to a friend which I think is a great way to write a blog.

Cocktails and Caroline is a similar but I say that with a meaning that I love them both equally, its like have two of your fav foods that you just can't pick between the two. Caroline s' blog is a food and travel blog I would say, which is great for me getting a sneak peak into events in London that ordinarily I wouldn't have a clue where happening. 

Jim Chapman, probably not good that Jim is the only male blogger I have on here, but I haven't yet found a good male blogger (help me out here). I love jims blogs, which are basically like vlogs but with a bit more detail. Its great seeing things from a male perspective and also male fashion (handy for brothers presents)

Random Mix:

Now when I say random mix, this is because their blogs cover so much stuff its hard to really define what they are.

I'll begin with jims other half Tanya Burr, I have been watching Tanya on her original pixi2woo channel since I started using YouTube. I love her bubbly personality and I feel like that comes across in her blogs as well as on YouTube. I love her style and how amazing she is at makeup and then its great to see blogs where shes just having a normal weekend like any of us but then the next week is off to fashion shows. She amazes me how she manages to do all that she does with her anxiety, she may have the odd attack now and again but she doesn't let it stop her and I just love her for that.

Another Girl who I have watched on YouTube from the year dot is Zoella, she is similar to Tanya in that she can be doing a blog about enjoying hot chocolate with her guinea pigs on a chilled night in and the pop up on an advert for simple the next day. I am so happy people like Tanya and Zoey are doing so well and I think girls like these are amazing role models for the younger generations and don't give them unrealistic ideas. They show that anyone can do anything if they are just willing to put the work in. Case and point Zoella now has a beauty range out and Tanya is working on adding products to her lip and nail line.

My pale skin is fairly new to my bloglovin list, but a good one to have, she has amazing style and seems to always have perfect makeup on her amazingly pale skin, I hate her....not really!

Zoe London is the girl with amazing hair. I love her style her whole image is something I wish I had the confidence to pull off like she does, but on me I would just look like I had been attacked by some primary school kids who had been messing with paint. Her blog is honest which I like and if she doesn't like something she is not afraid to say so, but on the other hand if she likes somewhere she will let you know!

Lily Melrose is another girl who's style I love and it is strange to thing that the blonde you see used to be darker haired, emo fringe,black clothing loving girl. Her style has evolved and I really enjoy seeing the outfits she puts together.

Finally we have Anna Sacconejoly, who I first saw in the Sacconejoly videos on YouTube, from then on I was hooked. I love her style and how she has perfect makeup one day and can be fine wearing a top with baby throw up on it. She has 2 of the cutest kids I have seen  and 6 Dogs, and then manages to do a blog and have a life crazy, but in a good way.

I know this is a long blog, but I just wanted to share with you just a few of the blogs I have been loving lately and inspire me to do more.

Have you guys seen these blogs, are there any you think I should check out?

Speak Soon

*Lucys Emporium Own no rights to these images, they were taken from each bloggers blog to display who each blogger is. 
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