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This is a bit of a random post, so I am unsure how to start it so I'm just going to say what I want in the hopes that you'll like it.

The whole reason for me starting this blog was basically somewhere to write down the things that I didn't really want to bore my friends and family with, I never actually thought that anyone would read it. So the fact that there are people out there reading this is just crazy to me, plus the fact that not all of you are from the UK is just something I can't comprehend.

Its one of those, you like me.... you really like me moments:

It really is just crazy to me and I'm sorry but I don't think I'll get over that, no matter how many of you there are, I will always be grateful for that. As is every blogger I feel.

Now I started this blog after leaving university, I had finished a course that I had started to hate in my final year and panicked with the fact that I had no clue what to do. I feel I had only gone to uni because everyone else was and I didn't want to miss out on what people say are the greatest years of you life. Now don't get me wrong I did enjoy uni and I wouldn't be where i am today if I hadn't met the people I know now and did what I did whilst I was there, but in the end the course I had chosen just wasn't the best career choice for me. Which I later found out is the same for loads of people who go to uni, so don't panic if you feel that way as your most definitely not alone.

As I knew I wasn't going down said career path, I was going crazy thinking what I wanted to do. I had gone back to work for my dad which I had done over the summers that I was at school, but as much as I don't mind working there I didn't want to be stuck there and end up hating my job and not enjoying myself.

Now I have always loved makeup, loved being creative and knowing that you can do so many different things all on your face! I know someone who runs a makeup boutique, she does makeup for evenings, weddings and much more. I asked her where she trained and what she thought and she convinced me to go for it, the fact that even if i change my mind again that no one can take the qualification away from me and if I decided to use it later on I can.

Well nearly a year down the line and I have started said course and though I am only 2 weeks in I am loving it. It is at Aqua Rosa Makeup in media city Manchester, its 1 Friday a week for a year and will be covering everything from day/evening makeup, film/TV makeup, wigs, special effects, body painting and everything in between. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen the first 2 looks I have done.

Though its a long winded way of doing things, I hope that this shows that you can do anything you want and that only you are stopping yourself from doing it. It may take time to get where you want to be, but the work and effort you put in will all be worth it in the end.

A bit deep for a Wednesday so I'll leave you with this:

A few cut disney gifs to perk it up.

Speak Soon

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