Facial Routine

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I thought I would do an up-to-date facial routine, this is the routine that I "try" and follow twice a week, though it obvioucly depends what I am up to and where I am , but i normally manage to do it at least once a week.

As I don't wear makeup to work during the week (as there is definitely no point with where I work) I don't really need to cleanse my face first, but on the off chance that I have had a crazy thing called a social life and have some on I will remove the bulk of it with Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover. I mix it so the liquid becomes one colour then put a small amount on a large cotton pad. I place it on my eye area and gently rub away the makeup, this is great as it removes even waterproof makeup and isn't too harsh on the eye area. I find that my eyes can become quite dry after removing makeup but this doesn't happen when I have used this, due to the oil in the product.

I then go in with a cleanser, which my current ones are the is the Biore Charcoal cleanser I purchased recently. If my skin needs a bit more of a scrub I will also go it with my Microdelivery from Philosophy, the beads in this are small enough to give the skin a good scrub but not to harsh that it will damage the skin.

I will then follow these up with my Aesop Parsley Seed Masque which is great as I feel it gives a deep clean, but doesn't feel really heavy on the skin. I have yet to find a mask that I feel can compete with this one, so if you have please let me know!!

Once my skin is dry I will apply a couple of drops of Estee Lauder Night Repair, which I know is an anti-aging serum but I find it works brilliantly on my skin, making it look fresh and also reduce the size of spots when I wake the next day!

The final step is a Q10 Night cream which I actually bought from asda, this cream smells amazing, works well with my skin and also is really cheap (at £2.50 a tub)

Then it is of to dream land with me!!

But I don't think I look as cute as that puppy does when I'm sleeping 

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The Christmas Tag

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I had seen this tag done Milkbubbletea, Miss Beauty Budget and A Dainty Discussion. Though i felt they did theres far too early (I am the grinch in female form) as it is now less than a month till christmas I thought it would be acceptable for me to do it also!!

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?
Erm Love Actually OBVIOUSLY as "If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around". I watch this every single year without fail and I love it, i think its a film I can never get bored of!
2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve of Christmas morning?
Christmas Day, I now it is a tradition in other countries to open presents on Christmas eve, but there would be big trouble if this was to happen in our house. One year my middle brother decided to wake up at 4 in the morning, open all his presents and then go back to bed. Suffice to say my mum and dad were not impressed at all, so much so that my mum still puts the presents in piles but they have no names on so non of us know whos is whos, even though now its normally them waking us up!!
3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I don't have a specific one, but as a child Christmas was a lot more exciting, don't get me wrong I love Christmas when it comes around, but as I have grown up it scares me how quickly the year comes round and find myself thinking 'god is it Christmas already!'. Anyone else get that or just me in my grandma like state??

4. Favourite festive food?
OMG all food, think now as an adult I look forward to the food more than the presents. I love a good roast which is handy as my dad is an amazing cook. Then i get my hands on the quality street and scoff all the strawberry creams, so much so my mum has questioned whether there were any sent in that tin (there were I'm just a pig and scoff them all)!!!
5. Favourite Christmas gift?
I don't have a specific one, but every so often my dad goes a little mad and buys us an extra surprise present. Its great as its not something i have even thought I would be receiving (not that i expect any gifts, though as a bratty teenager I did, what a little madam I was) is just nice to have that little extra present which he has put a load of thought into!
6. Favourite Christmas scent?
Spices and cinnamon, anything that smells like this is a must for me. I'm not really one for sweet smells and will probably burn candles that smell like Christmas all year just because they are my favourite. Though my one game changer in the sweet smells in Yankee candles 'Snow in Love' it just smells AMAZING!!!!
7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Every year we go to a family friends house, now i say family friend but they are more like another set of parents and brother and sister. When we were young we used to do plays and performances for all who came (which obviously was a sell out with our amazing skills!!). But now it is more of a catch up,playing silly games and drinking.
8. What tops your tree?
A fairy, which we have had since I can remember, though she is looking a little worse for wear she'll still on our tree this year!

9. As a kid, what was the gift you always wanted but never received?
As a very spoilt, bratty child I don't think there was a present I never got, probably my parents way of keeping me happy and quiet! Which I do not blame them as i remember what I was like, a little angel when everyone else was around and then screaming blue murder if I didn't get my way!!
10. What’s the best part of Christmas for you?
As crazy as the build up to Christmas can be, I love how relaxed our actual Christmas is, just a nice meal with the family and then plant my lazy bum in front of the TV for all the Christmas specials. It really doesn't take a lot to please me really, though we then try to go all out for new years and actually be social with others!!!

What about you, if you haven't already try doing the tag!!

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Mini Haul

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So I went on a recent shop to purchase some new items, some i needed some not so much but bought them any way. Hey I wasn't having the best day and buying stuff makes me happy, so sue me!!

The first two items are the Shampoo and Conditioner, now this may sound strange to you but I have 2 sets of shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom. This is because I like to mix up my routine and it helps prevent your hair becoming used to the products you use and making them not as effective (if that makes sense?). They are from the Salon Science collection which is new to boots, these ones are the Salon Science ProAccelerant Organic Pea Sprout Shampoo and Conditioner. Now Pea sprout may sound strange but boy does it smell amazing, these ones are targeted for hair loss and to support growth, which is always good in my books.

The next two are another set of facial cleansers, now buying the two of these may seem strange as the do pretty much the same job, but buying two means that I have one for my gym bag/whenever I am away from home and one that is permanently in my bathroom. One is the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser and the other is the Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser. Though I don't have many blemishes, these help to prevent blemishes and if some nasty ones break through help calm them down. They are both quite refreshing and are great if you are half asleep during your morning routine as these will wake you up, trust me!

Now my hair hasn't been sitting smoothly lately (probably because it needs cutting, I just can't be bothered to book the appointment) so I bought the Fudge Urban Miracle Ends cream as it smooths down frizz and fly a ways as well as smelling amazing. You can use it on either wet hair to protect it or on dry hair as a style finisher. 

Now I did not need the next two items at all, I used to have acrylic nails and loved them till I started my mua course. As they get in the way when doing makeup I had to have them removed, so I am stuck with my nails which aren't pretty and I though purchasing these two would help improve this. The grey nail polish is from xxxx in the shade xxx and the confetti type polish is Maybelline Colour Show Top Coat in Street Artist. These look really good together with the top coat on either couple nails or just one as a statement nail!

Now one item missed off here is the recent purchase of the Philosophy Pumpkin Pie bath/shower gel from TkMaxx. Now Tkmaxx is a great place to go if you are looking for discounted beauty products as they sell all kinds of brands, just be wary about which ones, this was fine as it have a seal on the bottle but some of the eye shadows hat you can see finger print marks in aren't so nice! But OH MY GOD does this stuff smell amazing, I have yet to use it but I will let you know!

Have you guys tried any of the products above, what did you think?

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Lush Haul


So I have a confession, I'm Lucy and I'm addicted to Lush!! I just love everything about it, the smell when you walk past the shop door (which by the way if you could bottle that or put it in candle form lush that would be great!!), the fact that the products are hand made and that the staff that work in most stores are happy to help you with anything. Honestly I am yet to walk into a lush store and see a miserable sales assistant, even on a Saturday when the store is rammed!!

So little gushy message over with, I manage to restrain myself from buying too much and bought some of my favourites winter time bath bombs!

First up we have The Melting Snow Man

Now this guy is a mixture of spice, almond oil and cocoa, you put him under warm running water and as he dissolves the oils melt into the bath water and leaves you with super soft skin with a scent of christmas!

Another favourite of mine is Cinders

Another spice scented bath bomb, this one also has the plus of popping candy so as you watch it fizz the popping candy gives the effect of wood crackling on a fire. Its a great winter bath bomb and doesn't leave you covered in glitter like some f the winter collection.

The final bath bomb is a Butter Bear 

Now this little guy is a lot like the Butter ball (which is another fav of mine) it has the appearance of an ordinary bath bomb yet it has small balls of cocoa butter which are released as the bear dissolves making the bath super moisturising, I would say this is great for those who have dry skin!

Now I did make a little blogger error, I did say that the butter bear was the last one, but I did actually purchase another bath bomb, that I may have used before I manage to take a picture of it! I know massive blogger fail!!

The one that got used was Candy Mountain this is (or was) a bubble bar which you crumble under the tap to get loads of pink cloud like bubbles. The scent is a mixture of bubblegum and marshmellows and anything else sweet and it left my skin feeling really soft afterwards!

I hope you likes this post, let me know if you also are a lush addict

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Whats in my bag!!

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I have seen a few of these posts and I thought I would jump on the band wagon (when do I ever not) and do a Whats In My Bag post.

Now I have to be honest and say that I probably change the bag that I use as often as I change my underwear (which is a lot) so this just happened to be the bag I was using at the time. The bag was actually my mums (I may have claimed in rather than been given it!!) it is a Fiorelli ruck sack and I have a feeling it is quite old!!

The items inside it however are not:

Now I shall begin with the books, the purple one is actually my kindle, which I do carry around with me pretty much everywhere on the off chance that I may need something to entertain me (I do get bored pretty easily). I have had my kindle for about 4-5 years now I think, but it has stood the test of time which is surprising as most technology now only last a couple of years. The other is my moleskin which I use to take notes of what I have done each day for my course, this is because if I don't write it down I will more than likely forget and then when I go back to it during or after the course I would probably be up the poop creak without a paddle as they way!!!

Next we have a few makeup and beauty items. The first is the my carex hand gel, this one is a longer lasting moisturising on though i'm not sure how moisturising a gel with alcohol in can be! I do try and not use this too much but when I do I then follow it with my CND Veiled Plum. There is a little makeup bag which actually doesn't contain any makeup bar a lip balm, this is what I put all my medicines in that I may need i.e. pain killers, antihistamines, re-hydration sachets, lady products etc. Its just easy to put it all in there so when I change bags I just have to move the one bag, the bag itself is from superdrug who are good at doing cheap and cheerful makeup bags.

Now these two items are normally in any bag, including nights out as they are just go to products that I will always need. The first is a Sure compressed deodorant, which if your like me and are really conscious of BO these are great to chuck in any bag just in case do to their size. The other is a Vaseline in creme brulee, I have this as I get chapped any time but more so in the winter or if I ever have a cold (which could be anytime of year with me!). Now along with a deodorant I like to carry a perfume or body spray around with me, just ensure that I avoid BO situations, the one I have here is Eau Nude from Next, its a nice fragrance for every day I think and this £8 bottle has lasted me quite a while to say I use it practically every day!

The rest are all standard items you would probably find in most bags those being my iPhone, tissues,chewing gum, purse, and umbrella, The last item just randomly ended up being in my bag at the time, it is a Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned, just as I had been wearing it that day to college!!

Though it may not be exciting, it is a little insight into what I carry around with me every day, are there anythings that must definitely be in your bag??

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Somethings Different

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You may have noticed there is something a little different around here!!

I decided enough was enough and that my blog needed a little bit of a make over, what do you think??

I purchased my blog design from www.pipdig.co, a site which does premade blogger and wordpress blog designs, which are all fairly reasonable prices. Though if you are wanting something totally different they do, do custom designs.

I heard about them through Corrie's blog post about updating her blog, which I have to say I love and looks really good now (not that it didn't look good before).

There are still a few tweeks that I need to make, but I am quite happy with the update.

What do you guys think?

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Brighton Day 3

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Well as we didn't feel too bad today, though we did have a major lie in we were ready and raring to go. As I like to be organised (as in possibly a bit OCD about plans) we had decided that we would afternoon tea on the Sunday, to make us feel like proper grown ups! I had a bit of a look on the web and came across Talk of Tea which is a tiny little tea shop in what looks like the downstairs of someones house. But don't let that fool you, it has the largest selection of teas I've seen and that's not the even the hardest choice to make.

For the afternoon tea you each choose your sandwiches, your tea, then select from the homemade cakes they have on display and top it off with 2 scones with jam and clotted cream. Well I tried my best but I just couldn't finish off mine but it was great, and the price wasn't too bad either.

After some wandering we decided that we wouldn't live to see another night out and decided on a late dinner and a trip to the cinema to Imbetweeners 2 (which wasn't really that great for me as im not a massive fan of sick or poop!).

Though where we went for dinner was a whole other story, we had walk past this place a couple times whilst in Brighton and decided that it would be a crime to come all this way and not have at least one meal with seafood in it, though we made up for this by having a starter as well!

The place is Fishy Fishy and it looks like a small restaurant on the outside, but what you don't realise is that its built in a slim but tall town house, though with the weather being nice we decided to sit outside. I started with the fish tacos and SS started with the salt and pepper squid.

These were so great the taco was so tasty with the avocado and tomato contrasting with the crispy taco shell and then the fresh fish, I sneaked a bit of the squid and it was great, cooked just right and not rubbery like you sometimes get.

I then went for Mussels in a white wine sauce with chips and SS went for the traditional fish chips and mushy peas. These were great as they were both so fresh even though it was so late on in the day,If your a big seafood person I would recommend this place as they have lots too offer, the staff are really nice and the service is pretty quick to say that they were nearly full inside the restaurant.

Rather than bore you to death I'll save day 4 for another post.

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Stop off in London!!

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Well as you can see from the title this is why I was so excited fro the next day, and who can blame me really!

As SS is abandoning me for a graduate scheme at the hilton, which I do not blame her at all. But as an early birthday present from her parents they aid for us to stop in an amazing hotel and go and see MATILDA THE MUSICAL!!!!!

After a long train ride, we really didn't fancy using the roasting, overcrowded underground and as I had a credit for Uber I decided that there definitely was no better time to use it!

If you haven't heard of Uber, it is basically an app that allows you to book a car (I say car as the cars are far too nice to be labelled as taxis) and as its linked to your card there's' no need to panic about having enough money to pay for your ride. If you want to test this app out, download it and then you can use the code lucyp25 and it will give you £10 credit (don't worry the credit doesn't have an expiry date). I would fully recommend them as it was a great way for us to get to our destination whilst taking in the sites.

After leaving our bags at the hotel we headed out for some lunch and where better than china town.

I mean just look at that mountain of food, it was really tasty and as a bonus really cheap. After having our fill of chinese we headed for a wander and then for a chill/bath in our hotel. We stayed in the Radison Blu Edwardian on Mercer street and I would fully recommend it, it was a gorgous hotel and the staff were very helpful and friendly. The other plus was the location as it was directly across from our next location.


This was amazing, if you are into musicals and haven't yet seen this get yourself down there and see it now....like right now!! The set was amazing and the cast are a really talented bunch, I was constantly laughing and I fully enjoyed myself  as did SS.

As another treat we were given some money to spend either on food or at the bar which we obviously spent on the bar.

I had a strawberry martini whilst SS had one of the house cocktails (may have forgotten the name of it, sorry). 

They were both very tasty but we decided that rather than eating downstairs we would head up and chill in the room, order room service, watch a film and just be general slobs.

I decided on the spinach and ricotta pastys with mash and cheese sauce, yes not the most healthiest option but was it one of the tastiest most likely. This was then followed up with chocolate bread and butter pudding with clotted cream, which was just the icing on top of the cake!!

Just look at it, though it may sound like your bog standard school pudding, it was soooooo much better than that.

Well I didn't see much of the film as I fell into a food induced coma till the next morning, where we went for a wander, possibly made a few cheeky purchases (you shall see them in my next post) and then headed for our train back to reality!

I have to say it was possibly the best time i have had all year and I would love to do it all over again!

How about you guys, did you do anything special this summer??

You can now follow me on twitter, yes I'm late to the game, don't hate me. My twitter name is @lucypemporium. My Instagram is lucyvplatt !!

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The Konjac Sponge

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So I had been hearing a lot about Konjac sponges recently, been bored with my normal facial routine and decided to go ahead and purchase a couple to see what the hype is all about.

So Konjac is a vegetable (a potatoe I believe) that they have been using in their diets in Asia for years and have recently started including them in their beauty routine.

As its from a natural source there are no nasty chemicals in them, so great for those with skin that's sensitive to certain chemicals in products. They have different types of sponges depending on the skin type including ones for dogs and baby's, I selected firstly a facial one for those with oily/combination skin as I unfortunately have an oily t-zone and then normal skin everywhere else.

It is the Konjac French Green Clay Sponge which supposedly is a strong antiseptic and to help on absorbing oil, dirt and bacteria. The sponge is meant to help clean out the skin from unwanted oil/dirt, revitalising dead skin sells and ending with a smoother complexion. Now i have only been using this for week, but it is great even if it is a bit strange. You basically wet the sponge with warm water till it becomes more sponge like and then rub in circular motions around your face. Now after the first couple of uses my skin did break out in certain areas, but that is to be expected when your starting with a new exfoliate. The breakout has calmed down now and after each use my skin feels a lot smoother and it seems like it is reducing my black heads, but i will let you know once I have used it for a month what it is really like.

The next one I bought is the Lilac Lady Sports Sponge, I bought this one as I thought it would be great for use after I have been to the gym, as I am at the moment going every morning during the week (and I'm trying my best to stick to that).
Its meant to cleanse the skin and help revive tired muscles after a workout, which sounds great to me. the concept is the same as the facial ones but just for all over the body. I have only used this a couple of times so far, so i can't really comment on how bad or good it is but I shall let you know soon.

Have any of you guys used a konjac sponge before, what did you think?

I am now also tempeted to invest in som frank body scrub, any thoughts??

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Brighton & London Haul!

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So as you can guess this post is about the sneeky purchases I made whilst on my little trip.

Well lets start off with the MAC purchases shall we:

- First off we have the most blogged about paint pot I feel and yes I am late on to the band wagon with this one and boy am I annoyed I am. Its the paint pot in paintly, I have only used it a couple of times but I am taken by it.
-Next is another item that it seems everyone has bar myself, this is the mac fix spray. I have been setting my makeup with hairspray for nights out (I know very bad but desperate times call for desperate measures). Well that will no longer happen, though they only had the mini in stock which is perfect for fitting in my makeup bag I think I will be investing in the full size soon.
-Then we have the pro concealer pallet in fair, I have had my eye on this for a while as it would be great for my kit with the range of shades on it, you simple mix the ones you need to create the best shade for you.
-The final item wasn't actually a purchase, I was given a sample of the mac primer, which as i'm pretty set with my Revlon one at the moment I hadn't even though of this one. I have to say it is good but I'm not so sure I would invest in it just yet as I can imagine it is a bit pricey and I'm quiet happy with my Revlon one.

The other purchases were made in London whilst SS treated herself to a shiny new phone! As my hair is mega damaged at the moment due to dying it, stripping the colour from it then dying in again multiple times, yeah so pretty fried. I also know that the bulk of brands of hair products don't actually do anything for your hair, they sit on the hair rather than actually penetrating the hair and repairing it. Though I could have bought some that had no sulfates, which are better for your hair I prefer to have a shampoo that lathers up. These are a Kérastase Nutrive Bain Satin 2 Complete Nutrition ShampooKérastase Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure Treatement Level 1+2 conditioner and then the tastiest smelling heat protection I've ever had kerastase thermique ciment. Basically the combination of these three is repairing my hair to what it used to be before I went dye crazy!

Then as you already know my love for Aesop parsley seed mask, I had tried an alternate and I just wasn't taken with it and so this was a long awaited repurchase!

The purchases that are not pictured are the green teas that I bought from the Chinese supermarket and my new tea sub to infuse my newly purchased teas and I am loving it at the moment.

Any of you guys tried out the above items??

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Look Fantastic Beauty Box

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So as you can guess I'm late again to the clique of beauty boxes, but here is what I got and thought of the September Look Fantastic Beauty Box.

I have never really been into the whole beauty box thing, I thought that as good as they seem, it was a lot of money for small products that I wouldn't get much out of and that some I probably wouldn't repurchase. I could be totally wrong but what is the point of sending out a product that you only see benefits from using after 2 weeks of use and you only receive enough for 2 days! Are you really going to spend a lot (as god knows the products that are sent out aren't cheap) on a product that may not work for you?

With this beauty box the product sizes are pretty decent and are well known product favs among the beauty bloggers, well I think I have seen them on pretty much most beauty blogs I have read.

These are all products that I would be interested in trying out but are a but expensive to invest in for them to not be for me, so this box is great for that. I can't wait to try them out, but not so great if I fall in love with them. I'll keep you posted on that part.

The September box is sold out after the massive buzz they have had over it, but you can go to Lookfantastic and pre-order their October box, which if this is the September one i can only imagine the amazing goodies in the October one!!!

What do you think, what are your opinions on beauty boxes, great or a waste of money???

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My Inspiration Blogs

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All These Amazing People *
Now these are just some of the few blogs that I look to for inspiration whether that is for style/makeup inspiration,life,motivation or just a general envy of their life activities in their posts. They have all shown me in one way or another that you can really achieve anything if you really put your mind to it.

They are split into types of blogs but some cover more that just that aspect.

Style Blogs:

Kenza Or Kenza Zouiten is a 23 year old Swedish/Moroccan girl who can do and does everything and anything. She is a stunning model, designer, has an amazing blog, the cutest dog and manages to have a life and get some sleep and not look like absolute rubbish the next day. I honestly don't know how she does it I bow down to her and her amazing sense of style. I love looking at what shes wearing and gain some inspiration from the outfits she puts together,

ThankFifi Or Wendy started from her friend (Fifi) having a conversation with her and convincing her to start up a fashion blog and thank god she did. She does cover other areas but I mainly go on there to look at her outfit combinations, she seems to manage to put together outfits so effortlessly and looks amazing. She can add a few simple accessories to a look and look so put together, where as if I tried that I would just look a hot mess. Also she is another blogger who has one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen.

The Little Magpie or Amy is another amazing fashion blogger, I love how she can take something that to us mere mortals would be a bit risque (or look like a dogs dinner) and she pulls them off. Honestly I don't think I have seen a post where I have thought 'now that's just a little too much', she puts items together that I would never think of, or you would think wouldn't look right but they just work!

Beauty Crush or Sammi is someone who is one of the first you tubers I started watching quite a while ago and it only made sense for me to follow her blog as well. She has a style that I love and I find it great that she mixes more expensive pieces with pieces from H&M or places similar. Also another blogger with a gorgeous dog ( I promise I don't just follow bloggers for their pets!)

Makeup Inspiration:

Linda Hallberg Is an amazing makeup artist and as far as I can see model from time to time. She has such an amazing talent and I would love to be able to reach that standard (hopefully I will now that I have started my course eeehhh, but more about that later). I don't know how she comes up with the combinations that she does but they always look perfect and nothing is out of place. 

Sandra Holmbom is another amazing makeup artist who is sooo talented its just not fair. She manages to do some amazing detailed looks on such a small place, it just looks to good to remove from your face.


Fit Sugar on Pop Sugar is a great site if your looking for motivation of inspiration when it comes to fitness. The site is filled with workout ideas, food plans, recipes its all there. They even do articles about fads or new diets and what they really think, which is great if your stuck in a bit of a rut and want to try out a new diet but are unsure of what it actually entails.

Fit Girl Code is similar to fit sugar, it has practically everything fitness related on their, from fitness clothes to workouts and product reviews. The difference in this is they give honest reviews and you can see who in the company has written the article and their honest thoughts on said subject.

Alexandra Bring is a fitness blogger that shows that you won't look crazy muscly when you lift weights. She is a stunning girl who worksout, a fitness model and is currently studying to be a personal trainer. She is amazing and her story is great if you look, she used to quite small and didn't like how thin she was. So she started to focus on exercising and what she ate to gain weight and muscle and I think she is in amazing shape and would kill to be as fit as she is!


The Londoner Now if you haven't heard of Rosie in the blogging world where on earth have you been? She has an amazing blog and varys from fashion, holidays, food and her own recipes (which I have to say her lemon drizzle cake is AMAZING).  Her style is very simple and classic which I like and she goes to the most amazing places, with her adorable dog custard in toe of course. 

Heroine In Heels  or Laura is similar to me in that she did a degree, started a blog as a hobby and works full time, thought think that's where are lives stop being similar. She has an amazing job in London and then manages to write a blog, goes to amazing places (as seen on her blog), have a boyfriend and finds time to sleep! I really don't know how she does it but I want to learn her skills. I love seeing parts of London I wouldn't ordinarily be able to see and she writes it as though she is just talking to a friend which I think is a great way to write a blog.

Cocktails and Caroline is a similar but I say that with a meaning that I love them both equally, its like have two of your fav foods that you just can't pick between the two. Caroline s' blog is a food and travel blog I would say, which is great for me getting a sneak peak into events in London that ordinarily I wouldn't have a clue where happening. 

Jim Chapman, probably not good that Jim is the only male blogger I have on here, but I haven't yet found a good male blogger (help me out here). I love jims blogs, which are basically like vlogs but with a bit more detail. Its great seeing things from a male perspective and also male fashion (handy for brothers presents)

Random Mix:

Now when I say random mix, this is because their blogs cover so much stuff its hard to really define what they are.

I'll begin with jims other half Tanya Burr, I have been watching Tanya on her original pixi2woo channel since I started using YouTube. I love her bubbly personality and I feel like that comes across in her blogs as well as on YouTube. I love her style and how amazing she is at makeup and then its great to see blogs where shes just having a normal weekend like any of us but then the next week is off to fashion shows. She amazes me how she manages to do all that she does with her anxiety, she may have the odd attack now and again but she doesn't let it stop her and I just love her for that.

Another Girl who I have watched on YouTube from the year dot is Zoella, she is similar to Tanya in that she can be doing a blog about enjoying hot chocolate with her guinea pigs on a chilled night in and the pop up on an advert for simple the next day. I am so happy people like Tanya and Zoey are doing so well and I think girls like these are amazing role models for the younger generations and don't give them unrealistic ideas. They show that anyone can do anything if they are just willing to put the work in. Case and point Zoella now has a beauty range out and Tanya is working on adding products to her lip and nail line.

My pale skin is fairly new to my bloglovin list, but a good one to have, she has amazing style and seems to always have perfect makeup on her amazingly pale skin, I hate her....not really!

Zoe London is the girl with amazing hair. I love her style her whole image is something I wish I had the confidence to pull off like she does, but on me I would just look like I had been attacked by some primary school kids who had been messing with paint. Her blog is honest which I like and if she doesn't like something she is not afraid to say so, but on the other hand if she likes somewhere she will let you know!

Lily Melrose is another girl who's style I love and it is strange to thing that the blonde you see used to be darker haired, emo fringe,black clothing loving girl. Her style has evolved and I really enjoy seeing the outfits she puts together.

Finally we have Anna Sacconejoly, who I first saw in the Sacconejoly videos on YouTube, from then on I was hooked. I love her style and how she has perfect makeup one day and can be fine wearing a top with baby throw up on it. She has 2 of the cutest kids I have seen  and 6 Dogs, and then manages to do a blog and have a life crazy, but in a good way.

I know this is a long blog, but I just wanted to share with you just a few of the blogs I have been loving lately and inspire me to do more.

Have you guys seen these blogs, are there any you think I should check out?

Speak Soon

*Lucys Emporium Own no rights to these images, they were taken from each bloggers blog to display who each blogger is. 

My ASOS Wish list

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As you can see this post is about what is on my ASOS wish list (saved list). I have to say I love shopping on ASOS as you can find absolutely everything you could want or need for your wardrobe or beauty collection.

These are all items that can be added to any wardrobe for the coming winter (or the winter we are already in if you live in Manchester)

{Caped Sleeve}       {Noisy May}       {Ultimate Chunky}          {J.D.Y.}              {River Island}          {Vila Raglan}

Now I am someone that looks forward to the winter months as it means buying loads of warm, cosy jumpers to wear and if i could I would by a different one for each day! I love the fact that they could all be easily styled with a pair of leggings or jeans and a pair of boots and your ready for winter. I added the river island one as I thought it would be great if your wanting a casual evening that you just add to a pair of jeans or leggings and look a lot more put together.

{Maison Scotch Hooded Parka}                   {ASOS Cocoon Coat}                  {ASOS Camel 2 Tone Scarf}

Whilst jumpers are cosy, you may need the extra layer when your going outside and these are what I think could go with any outfit. As I can't really handle extreme temperatures be that hot or cold, so I always have to make sure that I wrap up warm in the winter and I think these will all do the job!

{Cloud Print Shift Dress}    {Native Rose Shift Dress}      {Forever Unique Sweetheart}    {Popcorn Chiffon Shirt}
Now you may have guessed that I don't really have a lot of colour in my wardrobe and to be honest I like it that way. I do agree with the statement ' I will stop wearing black when they make a darker colour'. Now the above pieces are ones that could easily be chucked on, add a couple of accessories and your reay to go. To me these are the best things to buy as they are so simple to wear yet do look like you have taken the time to make the effort, when you may have not had the time to do  so. I feel that the dresses would be great for the up and coming Christmas parties or styled with some glitter and bling would be great for a new years party!

{Classic Vans}           {Minnie Mouse Ears}        {Paper Dolls Necklace}    {Johnny Loves Rosie}       {Pieces of Milty Necklace}
Now finally for the accessories, these are all pieces that would be great to add a pop of colour to any outfit. The Vans will be great if you need to go for comfort but would like some style still and would be great to add to an all black outfit. necklaces would all be great to add colour to an LBD or add to casual outfit to bring it all together. As for the minnie ears, well who can resist a pair of sequined minnie ears really!!!

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak into my asos wish list, have you guys got anything your longing for on ASOS??

Speak Soon

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