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I thought I would do an up-to-date facial routine, this is the routine that I "try" and follow twice a week, though it obvioucly depends what I am up to and where I am , but i normally manage to do it at least once a week.

As I don't wear makeup to work during the week (as there is definitely no point with where I work) I don't really need to cleanse my face first, but on the off chance that I have had a crazy thing called a social life and have some on I will remove the bulk of it with Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover. I mix it so the liquid becomes one colour then put a small amount on a large cotton pad. I place it on my eye area and gently rub away the makeup, this is great as it removes even waterproof makeup and isn't too harsh on the eye area. I find that my eyes can become quite dry after removing makeup but this doesn't happen when I have used this, due to the oil in the product.

I then go in with a cleanser, which my current ones are the is the Biore Charcoal cleanser I purchased recently. If my skin needs a bit more of a scrub I will also go it with my Microdelivery from Philosophy, the beads in this are small enough to give the skin a good scrub but not to harsh that it will damage the skin.

I will then follow these up with my Aesop Parsley Seed Masque which is great as I feel it gives a deep clean, but doesn't feel really heavy on the skin. I have yet to find a mask that I feel can compete with this one, so if you have please let me know!!

Once my skin is dry I will apply a couple of drops of Estee Lauder Night Repair, which I know is an anti-aging serum but I find it works brilliantly on my skin, making it look fresh and also reduce the size of spots when I wake the next day!

The final step is a Q10 Night cream which I actually bought from asda, this cream smells amazing, works well with my skin and also is really cheap (at £2.50 a tub)

Then it is of to dream land with me!!

But I don't think I look as cute as that puppy does when I'm sleeping 

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