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So I have a confession, I'm Lucy and I'm addicted to Lush!! I just love everything about it, the smell when you walk past the shop door (which by the way if you could bottle that or put it in candle form lush that would be great!!), the fact that the products are hand made and that the staff that work in most stores are happy to help you with anything. Honestly I am yet to walk into a lush store and see a miserable sales assistant, even on a Saturday when the store is rammed!!

So little gushy message over with, I manage to restrain myself from buying too much and bought some of my favourites winter time bath bombs!

First up we have The Melting Snow Man

Now this guy is a mixture of spice, almond oil and cocoa, you put him under warm running water and as he dissolves the oils melt into the bath water and leaves you with super soft skin with a scent of christmas!

Another favourite of mine is Cinders

Another spice scented bath bomb, this one also has the plus of popping candy so as you watch it fizz the popping candy gives the effect of wood crackling on a fire. Its a great winter bath bomb and doesn't leave you covered in glitter like some f the winter collection.

The final bath bomb is a Butter Bear 

Now this little guy is a lot like the Butter ball (which is another fav of mine) it has the appearance of an ordinary bath bomb yet it has small balls of cocoa butter which are released as the bear dissolves making the bath super moisturising, I would say this is great for those who have dry skin!

Now I did make a little blogger error, I did say that the butter bear was the last one, but I did actually purchase another bath bomb, that I may have used before I manage to take a picture of it! I know massive blogger fail!!

The one that got used was Candy Mountain this is (or was) a bubble bar which you crumble under the tap to get loads of pink cloud like bubbles. The scent is a mixture of bubblegum and marshmellows and anything else sweet and it left my skin feeling really soft afterwards!

I hope you likes this post, let me know if you also are a lush addict

Speak soon

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  1. LUSH's holiday line is amazing. There's so many items to choose from & the scents. Mmm. Candy Mountain sounds like it'd smell delightfully sweet. :] // ▲ ▲

    1. I know, think they should make some of the line a perminant part as I would always buy them if i could. Oh it was amazing, it was sweet but not sickly sweet. Also apologies for only just replying now, i have only just realised that you left this comment, yes i am a bad blogger, im sorry !xxxx


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