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Now I may have made a blogger error in using the products in blog posts before posting a haul, but I wanted to get the Halloween looks up before Halloween so that they actually made sense!!

So a few weeks ago I may have gone on a little spending spree to add a few items to my makeup kit and also a few bits I needed for myself.

MAC Pearlglide in Undercurrent and MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy 

First up were 2 eye liners from mac, a Eyeglide in Undercurrent and an Eye Kohl in Teddy. The teddy one i have had my eye on for a while, it is great for under the eyes when your not wanting something too harsh. As for the undercurrent, I hadn't actually been looking at it but I couldn't leave without it. They are both really pigmented as you would expect from any MAC product but they also are so soft and easy to use, I can't wait to start creating some looks with these!

The next mac products are some of their bets sellers, Mac Pigment in Vanilla and their Fluidline Eye liner. Though I had never thought I would want to do gel eye liner on another person, I now can't really imagine doing any other eyeliner really. The plus of gel is that I find its really easy to use, has the staying power that is wanted for makeup and also is a lot more pigmented than liquid and some kohl liners. As for the pigment, this is a great all rounder and can be used as a simple highlight on the cheeks or as a first layer of eye shadow as the shimmer will still show through lighter colours placed on top. 

The other item is a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, this is a cheaper alternative to a mac paint pot, though I feel the paint pots are easier to use this is great if you are wanting to have a bright coloured look and need a white base to start on.

Now this purchase was made online and luckily arrived shortly before this post, I was looking at getting a range of colours and didn't want to go crazy in mac and spend a fortune on them. I got the palettes from Blush Cosmetics, I am not sure what  made me go to this site but I am glad I did, the eye shadows and the blushers are really pigmented which is great as the palettes were relatively inexpensive, 120  eye shadows for £12.99 seems good to me. Though you may thing the eye shadows are only small they are that pigmented that you only really need a small amount on the brush to get the true colour. I have you to try the lip glosses out but I will let you know once I do, I think these are great for a starting up a makeup kit till you can afford a higher end palette.

Now the last 2 items 1 I needed the other was I didn't but had to buy it. The Got2Be 2sexy hair spray is one that I always use as it works but also as it smells so nice! The Rimmel lasting finish foundation was bought due to the fact that I had headed into town and was going straight to my friends for a night out and decided like an idiot to forget my foundation, I thought I would give this one a go as there seems to be a bit of a buzz around this at the moment, I will review this and let you guys know what I think!

Though it does seem like quite a lot I feel I was pretty restrained, especially on the mac side of things! 
Are there any makeup pieces that you couldn't live without??
If your a makeup artist what are the essentials you think should be in everyone's kit??

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