Whats in my bag!!

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I have seen a few of these posts and I thought I would jump on the band wagon (when do I ever not) and do a Whats In My Bag post.

Now I have to be honest and say that I probably change the bag that I use as often as I change my underwear (which is a lot) so this just happened to be the bag I was using at the time. The bag was actually my mums (I may have claimed in rather than been given it!!) it is a Fiorelli ruck sack and I have a feeling it is quite old!!

The items inside it however are not:

Now I shall begin with the books, the purple one is actually my kindle, which I do carry around with me pretty much everywhere on the off chance that I may need something to entertain me (I do get bored pretty easily). I have had my kindle for about 4-5 years now I think, but it has stood the test of time which is surprising as most technology now only last a couple of years. The other is my moleskin which I use to take notes of what I have done each day for my course, this is because if I don't write it down I will more than likely forget and then when I go back to it during or after the course I would probably be up the poop creak without a paddle as they way!!!

Next we have a few makeup and beauty items. The first is the my carex hand gel, this one is a longer lasting moisturising on though i'm not sure how moisturising a gel with alcohol in can be! I do try and not use this too much but when I do I then follow it with my CND Veiled Plum. There is a little makeup bag which actually doesn't contain any makeup bar a lip balm, this is what I put all my medicines in that I may need i.e. pain killers, antihistamines, re-hydration sachets, lady products etc. Its just easy to put it all in there so when I change bags I just have to move the one bag, the bag itself is from superdrug who are good at doing cheap and cheerful makeup bags.

Now these two items are normally in any bag, including nights out as they are just go to products that I will always need. The first is a Sure compressed deodorant, which if your like me and are really conscious of BO these are great to chuck in any bag just in case do to their size. The other is a Vaseline in creme brulee, I have this as I get chapped any time but more so in the winter or if I ever have a cold (which could be anytime of year with me!). Now along with a deodorant I like to carry a perfume or body spray around with me, just ensure that I avoid BO situations, the one I have here is Eau Nude from Next, its a nice fragrance for every day I think and this £8 bottle has lasted me quite a while to say I use it practically every day!

The rest are all standard items you would probably find in most bags those being my iPhone, tissues,chewing gum, purse, and umbrella, The last item just randomly ended up being in my bag at the time, it is a Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned, just as I had been wearing it that day to college!!

Though it may not be exciting, it is a little insight into what I carry around with me every day, are there anythings that must definitely be in your bag??

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