Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self

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Now though I don't know what will happen in the future, I have learnt so much from the age of 16 that it no longer worries me. There is no exact plan for everyone and the struggles life throws at you just makes you enjoy the good times a lot more. In this there are a few things that I would like to say you my former 16 year old self!
And yes that means awkward teenage pictures you lucky devils!!
-Put down the chocolate bar, step away from the chippy tea: Now I know that I don't always eat as squeaky clean as I should, but I don't eat any where near as badly as I used to at school/college. I used to have breakfast, then toast when I got into school, then a snack at break time, lunch, a snack in the afternoon and then tea and lets just the say the portions at all these feeding times were not small by any means! Though I wasn't that big then, I probably would have felt more comfortable in myself and also would have meant I didn't have to lose as much weight as I do now!

yeah not the most flattering dress choice lucy!!

- Be yourself: Don't give two hoots what everyone else is doing or wants you to be, just be you and people will just have to deal with it. At school I got on with most people, this was from more wanting to fit in and be liked than me being myself though. Now looking back and seeing how fake some people were or horrible they were to people I remain friends with, it makes me wonder would we have actually got on had I not tried to be liked by everyone!!

-Have Fun: Though I found school a stressful time there were moments where I just loved being there. I think looking back I should have done more of the fun things to make me appreciate my time there more.

Yep definitely too cool, and yes braces add to this look!

-Be honest with people: The amount of times I wouldn't understand something we had done in class, yet I would nod my head and play along was unreal. I don't think I understood that the teachers are actually there to help you and want you to succeed (well the bulk of them any way). Tell someone when your confused, don't be scared to ask for help as you'll probably find out your not the only one that feels that way!

- Don't just follow the herd: Though I would never change what I did and learnt at uni, i'm not fully sure I went for the right reasons. I love all the things I have learnt over the 4 years I was there and all the people I have met have made me who I am today, but Thinking over it now I feel I only went to university as everyone else was. I felt that, that was the only option and that I would be missing out if I didn't go, which is totally not true!
I feel this could be in the next vogue, can you tell I hate pictures!!
- Don't let someone tarnish your shine: Friends should be proud of you when your succeeding, maybe a little jealous but not to the point where they are saying something to undermine you. They should let you have your moment as it will push them to succeed as well. Good friends you be motivate each other rather than knocking each other down!

- Actually Think about it, engage the filter: The amount of time that I have said or done something and immediately regret it 3 seconds later. Think things though, if they sound too good to be true it probably means that they are and just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you'll get away with it, remember who your parents are!!!

- Don't wait for it to happen: If you want something doing, go and do it. Don't procrastinate thinking if its meant to happen it will, it won't unless you've done something to help in that. Only if you've tried your hardest can you say its not meant to happen and it is never better not knowing what might have been. You can have no regrets when you have always tried your best with the things you want and care about!
Oh Dear Oh Dear!!
- Its OK to be selfish sometimes: When I say selfish I mean to a point where it won't harm or upset others, if you really don't want to do something, don't. Being selfish when it comes to your own happiness is fine, in fact most people are like that, think about how much more fulfilling your life will be if you move your energy from things and people your not getting much from to things that make you happy and people who actually care!

Now I look a similar age to my mum and auntie here, my fashion wasn't the best back then!!

I hope you enjoyed this, is there anything you would tell your teenage self??

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