Life Lately #1

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Now I thought I would do a post on what I have been up to lately/coming up in the near future and yes this idea is stolen from Suzie of Hello October as I love reading hers.

Though I haven't really done much I have actually been busy (does that make any sense please let me know). With a rather large assignment for my makeup artist course drawing ever neared the anxiety is most definitely building. (ahhhhhh!!!)

I have however treated myself recently to a few bits from asos for my holidays and also the nice weather we are having at the moment ('touch wood'  the weather continues). Though some of the purchases may have been influenced by Amy of The Little Magpie as this dress looked amazing on her (actually better than the model on the website) and obviously I thought it would look just as amazing on me. (it doesn't but it doesn't look bad so its staying!)

Though what isn't helping with my holidays blues is reading The Londoners post of her adventures (major holiday/tan envy right there!)

Though what I am excited to try out is some of the recipes from Get The Glow, having seen a few people now posting about how good  the book is and the recipes look great I just now need to get to making them and I will hopefully feel better from actually eating healthily rather than lying that I am (custard creams aren't bad are they?)

One final thing is that I have become addicted to Pretty Little Liars, so much so that I can't wait to get home from work today and watch the new episode, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHO A IS!!!

I can't trust any of the girls till I know who it is, just saying!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you've been getting up to lately (if it involves a netflix addiction you are safe here!)


Harley Quinn Makeup (Suicide Squad)

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So as there have been a few pictures released from the current filming of suicide squad I though I would do my take on Harley Quinns makeup.

Products used:
Illamasque Skin Base 76 (White)
Mac Prep and Prime Translucent Loose Powder

Anastsia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate

MAC Paint pot in Painterly
Blue and red from 120 colour pallet
MAC Gel Liner 

MAC Lip Liner in Cherry
MAC Lip Stick in Ruby Woo


Makeup Removing/Night time Routine

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So after doing the rather creative makeup look in my previous post I thought I would go through the steps that I do to remove makeup/ my normal night time routine.

The look of  'well this is going to be fun .........NOT!'

First off I do remove any lipstick that I am wearing just with a generic makeup/baby wipe. This is just so that once I am not just spreading the lipstick around my face, so using a makeup wipe for this part isn't too bad.

I then go in with a micellar water on a couple of cotton pads to get the bulk of the makeup removed. The one I use is Garnier Micellar Cleansing water, it is relatively cheap in comparison to others such as bioderma and I have had this bottle a while and barely made a dint in it really. I would say its pretty good a removing all types of makeup, but I would say that you need to cleanse again after this just as it's not really good for your skin to just use this.

Yep taking the makeup off didn't really improve the look!
Once I have removed the bulk of the makeup I will then go in and cleanse properly using which ever products I fancy using that evening. I have to say that if I haven't been wearing makeup during the day I will just go straight to this step as I don't think my skin needs double cleansing if it has only had moisturiser on it during the day.

I will firstly wet my face and use the Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleaner which is a refreshing facial wash that gets rid of any dirt I may still have on my skin. If I am feeling like a deeper cleanse I will rub this in further with my Konjac Sponge, the one I have is the green clay one for combination oily skin.
If I am wanting to do a mask (which I do try and do twice a week) I reach for my new mask at the moment the Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask which is great as it warms whilst your rubbing it in the skin and minerals in it help unblock pores. Now i have to say I don't like this one as much as I love my aesop parsley seed mask, but with the price being so much cheaper it doesn't do that bad of a job really.

I leave that on for about 5 minutes, then rinse off and spritz my face and neck with the Clear Start Toner by Dermalogica. I let the toner dry and then depending how I am feeling I will then either follow it up with the Body Shops Tea Tree Night Lotion (which I love the smell of, I find it really relaxing before I go to bed) or Dermalogicas Breakout Over Night Treatment.

I rub those into my skin and give them a few minutes to sink in, I then finish off my routine with ASDAs Q10 Night cream, this is quite a thick moituriser so i only apply a thin layer as my skin is oily in some areas but dry in others!

And that it is really, its a pretty simple routine as I don't think my skin really needs an over complicated process doing to it as it isn't actually that bad.

What is your guys typical evening routine, let me know in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this post

Speak soon 


A Little Blue - Amphibian Makeup Look

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So I though I would do a makeup post as those are the posts that I love creating, hense why I started this blog. (Notice how I just glaze over the fact that I have been a bad blogger as of late)

I was just scrolling through my pinterest, when I found this face chart and decided I would recreate it for you guys.This face chart is from the MAC 2008 Halloween face chart selection, though personally I don't think it is scary enough for Halloween. But I'm the type of girl that likes blood and gore at Halloween, which can be a bit too much for some!!

I began by outlining all the shapes with a white inglot gel liner no.76 just to get the basic layout on the face. I then filled in the white areas with Illamasquas white skin base and set it with MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

Then using my makeup forever dupe flash pallet from eBay I used the turquoise colour to fill in the shapes whilst also mixing the colour with white to create a lighter shade to use in the shapes around the edge of the face.

I then went in with a combination of colours from my Inglot pallet and a sleek pallet (bought ages ago but similar colours in these here) to set and also shade the darker areas on the centre of the face.

I then went in and added a little black liner around the eyes using the black from the flash pallet and then topped that with mascara. You could add lashes but from the looks of this chart the lashes are kept pretty natural.

I then made a darker shade of the turquoise for the lips to add a bit of a pop to the look, following this with some highlighter in the areas you would normally highlight but also on the lips to give a bit of an ombre lip effect.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, my next post is what I use to remove all of this!! Then I am looking at doing a post on the makeup for Harley Quinn, with the recent photos that have been released of Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad. Which I have to say I am mega excited to see once it is released.

If you have any looks you would like to see me recreate/create let me know in the comments below as I am always looking for blog post inspiration.

Speak Soon


Spring and Summer Essentials

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As the weather gets warmer (only ever so slightly up north though!) it makes em feel a bit more excited for the summer weather to come. I though I would put together some items that I think are essential for the coming warmer months.

Yes you will notice that all of these are from ASOS and no this is not a sponsored link, this is purely due to the fact that you can buy a range of brands on one site and there is no need to leave your room (i'm a bit of an online shopping addict!)

The Bottom Half

1                                              2                                        3                                          4                                         5

1. Faded Nike Leggings : Now if I could I would live in leggings as I think they are just so comfortable, but these ones are great if your in a rush and need to just chuck something on to go to the shops. They are also great as you shouldn't get too hot wearing them if it becomes sunny as they are breathable fabric but also if the weather changes suddenly (as it always does in the uk) then your prepared!

2. Vera Moda Cropped Denim Trouser: These are very central france/ italian seaside, where it may be warm but there is quite a cool breeze and these can be easily styled with most items!

3.Mod Dolly A-Line Skirt: Now this I think is super cute and will add a splash of colour to most wardobes (including mine which is predominantly black!) and can be styled up or down depending on the situation.

4.ASOS Skinny Ankle Graze Jeans in White: Now as I love white jeans for summer and how great they are to style, I am rather clumsy so wearing these would be a task within itself. Though if you aren't a clumsy idiot like me these can easily be added and styled into any wardrobe.

5.ASOS High Waisted Skinny Jeans: An alternative to white is wearing a lighter wash of denim as they will still look just as summery with less of a risk to staining them.

The Top Half

1                                               2                                        3                                                4                                          5 
1.Monki Side Split Top : Now as most tops I own I like them to be floaty and that is the same in summer, this would look great with a pair of jeans, leggings or even some ripped up denim shorts for on the beach.

2.Mod Dolly Crop Top: This will be great paired with the matching skirt for a garden party or tone it down with a pair of shorts or ripped jeans!

3.Split Sided Knitted Festival Top: Now I agree with the name that this is a great top for a festival but also can be chucked over swim wear as a light beach cover up.

4.Crochet Vest:This is a great one that can be styled up or down. Wear with jeans during the day, then add a leather jacket and a statement necklace and your ready for the night time!

5.Off the Shoulder Crochet Top: Now this is great if your going somewhere warm and wanting to avoid sweat marks (a constant must in my book!). The light weight material means you won't get warm but is dark to avoid dark patches!!

The Cover Up

1                                         2                                             3                                           4                                      5 

1. Glamorous Festival Tie Dye Kimono : This is a very festival type kimono, but wouldn't look out of place on a beach over swimwear paired with big sunglasses and a wide brim hat!

2.Vera Moda Fringe Crochet Waistcoat: Now this isn't really a cover up as it is a waist coat, but I think this will look great either day or night.

3.Festival Printed Kimono: This is another great one for festivals, but would be great to add a pop of colour to an all black outfit.

4.Glamorous Crochet Lace Kimono: Now I think this one is my favourite and as its white would pretty much go with any outfit and also make you look a little more tanned!

5.Oversized Kimono: Now this one I think is great for making an evening look a bit more casual and great as a lightweight cover up for the evening time!

The Summer Dress

1                                         2                                               3                                              4                                          5

1. Wild Flower Bandeau Dress: Now this one is a bit more dressy than the others, but I think will look perfect if you have a summer wedding or a formal do to go to this year!

2.Vera Moda Palm Print Dress: This dress is great if your going to a BBQ, paired with a denim jacket and some sandals for a laid back summer look .

3.New Look Pansy Dress: Now as the one above this would be great for an outdoor gathering but then can be dressed up if you were to go for drinks after work!

4.Paisley Shift dress: Now this is more of a casual day dress, but I think smart enough that you can just chuck it on and it looks like you have made an effort and who doesn't love a simple outfit like that!

5.Printed Pencil Dress: Now this is more of an evening dress, but can be worn for casual drinks after work or a birthday party night out!!

The Swimwear

1:A B                              2:A B                                             3                                         4                                   5:A B

1.Cross Front Wrap Top and High Waisted Bottoms: Now I am loving the high waisted bottoms that are coming out and these ones are great if your like me and not such a big fan of showing your middle!

2.50s Halter Bikini Top and Stripe High Waisted Bottoms: These are the same, with the stripe bottoms are then great at flattening any unwanted curves you have (i am one!) and a cute 50s style top to go with them!

3.Embossed Floral Swimsuit: Now this is a great option if your not wanting a bikini, but still want something stylish whilst your on the beach or by  the pool.

4.Malliot Boyleg Swimsuit: Like the other swim suit this is a great option if your not feeling a bikini, but also with the ruching is flattering to most body shapes and sucks you in at the right places. 

5.Crop Tie Front Bikini and Hipster Bikini Bottoms: Now this one is my favourite, I love the tie bit in the front and I think you could style it straight from the beach to a night out!

The Accessories

1                                          2                                                                3&4                                                                5

1.Floral Garland:  Now if you are going to a festival or even a garden party i don't think you can go wrong with a flower head band like this one, even if it is to add a pop of colour to a dark outfit.

2.Wide Brim Sun Hat: Now there are loads of wide brim hats to choose from, but this was my pick as most of my clothes are dark so this would go with pretty much all of my wardrobe. They can just be that little something that completes a look

3 & 4. Retro & Spitfire Sunglasses: Now this is an obvious one but sun glasses are a must during summer (dur!) but these are just two of the styles that I am loving at the moment.

5. Birkenstock: Now what summer post would it be without some sandals and birkenstocks in particular! I have a purple pair and they are so comfortable I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can start wearing them again!

I hope you enjoyed this summery post and it gets you in the mood for the warmer months or any upcoming holidays you have planned.
Let me know in the comments below what you thought!

Speak Soon


Midweek Motivation!!

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Now, though the weather in England may not seem like it, it is getting ever closer to summer. Getting closer to the time where we can wear those summer dresses and short shorts and I for one will be one of those people as I am going to be summer ready.

Now I am going to be honest with you, my exercise journey hasn't only just started and on the other hand I haven't been that strict with myself either. I aim to go to the gym at least 5 times a week and try to eat healthy 5 days out of the week, but sometimes it is a struggle.

Now I exercise before work as I just don't have the motivation to after work , but there are those days when I just don't want to get out!

Then sometimes when I am there I am just really not in the mood, but I plod along anyway as any exercise for me is better than none at all.

Now don't get me wrong I do love going to the gym as it sets me up for the day, but I just try and keep myself to myself whilst I am there. I'm definitely not one of those people who pretends that no ones there and go mega hardcore!!

Now I try to eat healthy most of the time

But sometimes I can't wait fro the day that my cheat meal comes around, but sometimes that cheat meal turns to a cheat day...............

................and sometimes its that bad that it turns into a cheat week!!

But I don't give up, that's the important thing. I then think of my motivation, which at the moment is the Bella Twins:

These girls are two of the WWE Divas, which is a programme I watch religiously on E. These girls are hot, can kick ass and definitely prove that strong is the new skinny! (may have a little girl crush!)

Remember what your doing this for, whether its to up your fitness, loose weight, tone up etc. just remember your doing it for you and that its ok to trip up as long as you get back up and keep going!!
Have an target to reach (but not something too crazy) and you should achieve it, just don't give up on yourself. 
Then we will all be winning:

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any fitness goals, let me know as its great to know your not the only one. Also any fitness tips are more than welcome as god knows I could do with the help!

Speak Soon 

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