2015 Fashion Trends!

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Now even though my birthday is in January, I have to be honest it is one of the duller months, for weather and lack of money due to the crazy spending of Christmas.
Though this all does turn around once Februarys wage hits our banks (well it does for me anyway) and though it may feel like summer its decades away, its actually not that long till we'll be complaining its too hot rather than too cold (heres hoping!).

One thing that does spur me on is the changing of clothing seasons, whether that be going from warm dark layers, to bright floaty dresses (or in my case black floaty dresses, black is my happy colour don't judge me!)

Now if you had to ask me what is and isn't fashionable or on trend, sometimes I would get it right, but a bulk of the times I probably get it wrong (if anything is shiny or glittery it is always a good choice for me). Luckily I've now got that covered with the help of Farfetch a Luxury Designer Fashion Website who have created a infograph of what are going to be the big trends of SS2015.

The full infograph is at the end of the post, but I have picked three of the ones I am looking forward to personally.

The Seventies

First up is the seventies, and when I say seventies I don't mean what everyone seems to think it was which is crazy psychedelic colours, bands round the head and posing with a peace sign! As much as it was partly that, the fashion now is more high waisted flares, fringing, flowing bohemian style blouse/dresses and wide brim hats. A lot easier to style and pull off I feel and you won't look like you have just stepped of the set of That 70s Show. Think Farrah Fawcett and Debbie Harry rather than the cast of Saturday Night Fever!

Floppy Hat     -              Cape Cardigan       -             Fridged Bag    -                 Warehouse Flared Jeans    -       MIH Flared Jeans

Floral Print Trousers      -     Boheme Crepe Top    -      Wide Leg Trousers   -      Fedora Hat     -       Skinny Band Floppy Hat

Bucket Bags

Then we have bucket bags (or on some sites duffle bags?!?), which I have always been favourite of mine. I own a brown leather one that my mum passed on to me which she had for years so essentially its vintage! I found a few that would be a great accessory to anyone's wardrobe.

Diamond Bucket Tote    Padlock Bucket Shoulder Bag   Vintage Bucket Bag   Drawstring Bucket Bag  Whistles Bucket Bag

Yellow Zip Front       Blue Contrast Bag           Tan Quilted Bag        Drawstring Bucket Bag          Grey Tassel

Blue Tones

Now as you may or may not know, I am not normally a fan of colour! I'm not opposed to it, its just black is a lot more flattering.I have to say I am impressed with the navy and bold blues that are coming out so far, and the bulk of which are designed in a way that you could wear them year after year and wouldn't look out of place. 

Baja Trench Coat          Tribute Sandals                                 Sicily Tote                          Alexander Wang Dress         VB Dress

BCBG MaxAzria Dress             Playsuit             Floral Mini Dress              White Denim Coat                   ASOS Mini Dress

Those are just a few of my selections for this year, there were tonnes more I could have used but then the post would have just dragged and it would have been a struggle to resist the urge to buy it all!

What to you guys think? what are your fashion trends for this year?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post

Speak soon

* Lucys Emporium Owns no rights to the images, all the images are taken from the linked websites unless stated so. Infograph and smaller infograph icons are form farfetch.


Adding To Makeup Kit Part 2!!

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As I said in my previous post I have begun to make my kit a bit more personal and this is the rest of my recent haul!!

As I already have a few MAC and ELF foundations I decided on adding some Illamasqua foundations to my kit.
These are great ones to have as they seem to a range of shades for all different skin tones, though I am not so sure how these will be to work with I look forward to trying them out.

I got the skin base foundation in shades 2, 5, 8 and 15. These are just a range that I will be able to mix to begin with and will cover most skin tones, though I am hoping to get a few more from this range if they are ok to work with!

I also go the Rich Liquid Foundation in shade 100 which is a white foundation and feels a bit heavier than the skin base one, this will be good for making shades that little bit lighter or as a base when doing more creative looks.

For setting these bases I do already have a mac and an art deco powder but I have seen that the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Loose Powder is one to have so I purchased one of these as well. Though it looks like any other loose powder I'll have a look at how it compares and let you guys know!

Now for brows I have a few rimmel pencils but I decided to splash out and get three MAC Eye Brow Pencils in Fling, Lingering and Stud. These are three are a blonde, brunette and dark brunette shade of pencils, but can be easily mixed depending on how dark or light the client wants their eyebrows.

Also from Illamasqua I bought their Pure Pigment in Beguile, which isn't to dissimilar to MACs Vanilla but will be handy to have in case the client is allergic to MAC makeup. As well as their Precision Gel Eyeliner in Infinity which has also had rave reviews with how blacker than black this eye liner is, so I can't wait to test this one out!

Finally for the lips I got the HoneyLove Mac lipstick, which I had tried to buy after christmas but was sold out, think this is due to a certain Kylie Jenner and her nude lips! As well as the MAC clear Lip glass  for those looks that need a bit of gloss to finish it off!

You guys have no idea how excited I am to try out all these new products and do some possible looks with some of them.

Is there any of these that you guys love?

Hope you enjoyed this post

Speak Soon


Building My Makeup Kit

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As you may know I have been training in my MUA course for a while now and though we are given a small kit when we start the course I've now felt that I need to add to this.

I haven't really wanted to go for one specific brand, the main reason being is that some people can be allergic to certain brands, mainly MAC and if you turn up to a shoot or a set with just MAC and they are allergic to it then its a bit like your up a creak without a paddle.

Getting a range of brands avoids this situation and allows me to know what each brand is like and how each brands products are to work with.

Now, not really knowing where to start with creating a pro kit I did a bit of snooping around and came across a post by Laura Louise Makeup. I have been following her on instagram for a while and it just hadn't clicked that this talented lady had a website (yes bit stupid, I know!). In the post she gave the list she had received when she started her training, of all the products that are great to have in your kit. Writing it as a helpful list to those of us who aren't so in the know about whats good to have and what isn't. Granted if I went out today and bought all the kit she listed I wouldn't be able to eat for a couple months, but its great to have a list of things that a pro like her has started with also.

As I was out shopping last weekend I decided to pick up a few bits, some I bought online with vouchers (a post on these will be up soon, once they arrive!) and these I bought whilst in Leeds the other weekend.

Now the the first items that I purchased were from Kiko, a brand which I hadn't really heard off before but as luck would have it, there is a stand alone store in Leeds with a sale on which meant it would just be against the law if I didn't go in and have a look!

Kiko Invisible Lip Liner: now she did state the lipstick queen invisible lip liner is good, but as this was easy to get and relatively cheap I thought I'd try it out and see what its like.

Kiko Supreme Eye shadow: Now this item was on sale and too sparkly and pretty for me to leave without it. Its a creamy shadow which could be used the same way you would a mac paint pot, I got this in the shade 02 Rich Gray Amethyst which I think would be great under a dark smokey eye (keep an eye out for a look coming soon) or under my next purchase.

Kiko Water Eye Shadow:  Now this is a shadow that can be used just as you would any normal shadow or if you wet you brush and then apply the shadow the colour comes out a lot stronger and can be longer lasting. Though I am pretty sure you can do this with normal shadows if you want, I got this in shade 202 and is another item that was too pretty to leave without.

Now as I received some Debenhams vouchers for Christmas I decided to spend this on Hoola from Benefit. This was a item I needed due to the fact that I don't actually have any bronzers/contour colours bar the the ones I have for my personal kit, which would get annoying if I forgot to pack it. Though I have heard rave reviews about this product, which has been around for ages, I have seen that the NYX Powder blush in taupe is a close dupe. Annoyingly it is currently out of stock but I am keen to see what it is like in comparison as there is a large price difference.

Though it is only a small haul, it is great to be able to personalise my kit a bit more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if any of you know of any must have items, please let me know.

Speak Soon


Birthday Weekend!

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Last weekend was my birthday and though I am not really one to be, 'It's my Birthday so It's all about me', I thought it would be nice for you guys to see what I had been up to.

I posted quite a bit on Instagram this weekend (which along with my blog I am trying to improve on!), so I thought I would use these pics and explain them.

Now my actual birthday was on the Friday, which meant I go to spend the day at college, which is great as it means I'd be doing something creative rather than sitting in front of a computer in an office which is dead (which is where I am right now!). This week was our first look at special effects makeup which we had all been looking forward to, we were given a demonstration on how to create burns and then were let loose on each others arms!!!

The burns aren't the best ever, but for a first attempt I would say they are pretty damn good?! We made these using melted gelatin mixed with glycerin and then applying it to the skin with a wooden stick (or a large lolly stick!). Once you have the shape we wanted we went in with alcohol based paints and blood. Now as no burn looks exactly the same, there is really no set way of doing it, as long as you ensure that it blends into the skin it will make the burn look more realistic.

I also received a lovely card and Selfridges voucher from my course friends, which was really sweet of them, but was obviously expected to be spent on makeup (which I would have any way!)

The following day I was off out to my friends for afternoon tea, and a night out. Though to properly start the day I was treated to a little walk with the pampered pooch in the snow. She is quite funny in the snow as she gets all excited and just starts eating it!! (we do feed her, she just likes eating anything she shouldn't!!)

For lunch we went to The Richmond Tea Rooms , which I didn't manage to take any pictures of the place due to how crowded it was, but I did manage to take some of the food!! (which lets be honest is the most important part!)

Now the place is set up with a nod to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, with its very over the top decor and its miss match tableware just adds to the effect. The staff were nice (though the guy that was serving us was a little off, I put it down to how packed it was). and the food was really good, though I did have food envy when my friends boyfriend had the Gentleman's Tea.

Will most definitely be having that if we go back again!
After a nutritious dinner (McDonalds, ooppps) we pulled out our glad rags and headed over to the Cloud 23 Bar, on the 23rd floor of the Hilton in Manchester. Having never been here before I was hoping we would be able to get a table and did we ever, we got one right next to the window so we could look out over all of Manchester light up at night!!

Now though the drinks here are expensive, good god are they strong!!
mine was a cornetto drink!!!
Only having a couple here, we left to dance the night away in revs and luckily that is where the pictures finished!!

I had a great weekend and I can't wait to show you guys what I treated myself to, once it arrives!!!

Speak Soon


Quick update!!

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Apologies for not posting for a while, but I thought I would give you guys hope that I'm going to improve! I have bought a blogging diary so I can fully work out my schedule and work around dates that I'll be away!

I got this one from not on the high street, it is using the original cover of the jungle book, but is a diary!! I love it and can't wait to be more organised on my blog with it ( yes that is a very sad sentence!!) .
You will see more from me soon I promise! 
Speak soon

2014 Favourites!!

This post is on a combination of items, TV shows, vloggers and bloggers that I have loved over the course of this year! Just to warn you this is a rather long post due to the items that I have loved and wanting to include them all!

Now these aren't in any form of order (whenever is my blog any different!)

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Philosophy : Now this is the nicest shower gel I think I have ever used, it is just a lovely spiced scented, autumnal shower gel. Though it is a very autumnal scent I feel I could use this all year round as I love scents like this one. It lavas up really well on a lufa and leaves my skin feeling really soft, but it can also be used as a bubble bath which I also love!

Salon Science ProAccelerant, Organic Pea Sprout Shampoo & Conditioner : Now though these are a recent addition to my collection, these are the nicest smelling shampoo and conditioner that actually work with my hair. I have used great smelling sets before but they have just left my hair feeling like it has been coated and then need washing more often than I like to. Just so you know bar wetting and drying my fringe everyday, I only wash my hair twice a week if I can. This is because your hair doesn't really need that much washing and it also helps if your trying to grow it like I am. This smells great (scent is a big thing for me!), leaves my hair feeling clean but not dried out and also helps with growth, so it ticks most of the boxes for me. The one problem is that it is rather expensive for shampoo, but with how infrequent I use it, its not too bad!

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique: Now this is another hair item, that smells AAAAMMMAZING! It is one of the better products that does a combination of good things for my hair. It not only smells amazing, it leaves my hair feeling silky soft and also is a really good heat protectant. If you hate using loads of different products on your hair, I would recommend this one.

Aesop Parsley Seed Mask: Now this is one of the items that I don't think I could really live without and I am yet to find a better alternative. This just helps suck out any nastys on my skin but doesn't dry out my skin. You apply it and it doesn't feel heavy like most mud masks do! I would say its a great all -rounder and if you haven't already you NEED to try this one out!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum: This is another item that is a must have in my skin routine, applying a few drops of this after the Aesop mask and before moisturiser helps prevent any blemishes from getting worse and evens out my skin. I could go on and on about this product but I'll stop myself here!

Now the next few are the few makeup products that have really stood out for me over the year, I have used other products don't get me wrong but these are the ones that I have turned to the most when I am actually wearing makeup.

Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector: Now this is a great base for every day use if you have combination oily-normal skin like myself. It apply s like you would with any other BB/CC/liquid foundation, but when you buff it into the skin it has a powder like finish to give a matte finish, but not too much that it looks like you have caked it on! I love this for everyday makeup or if i'm just going out for a short evening and I don't want anything particularly heavy.

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade: Now this I love whenever I am filling in my brows, this is another product that does multiple task in one. It helps fill and define the brows but also sets them as the formula is waterproof so no need to panic that your eyebrows will be sliding down your face by the end of the night!

Now these are the random favourites that I have loved reading and watching last year!!

Anna Saccone (new blog design, love it!): I love reading Annas blog, it gives me an insight into life as a full time mum and let me tell you I don't know how she does it. I love how she styles outfits, that she can look so put together in a casual outfit. That and reading her blog has been one of the influences that has made me want to bake more (which is not so great for my diet!).

The Londoner: Now this girls lifestyle is my dream! Rosie's blog is one of the ones that I really look forward to her next post. I love how she does a combination of fashion and food in most posts (that might sound bad but it is definitely not). Her posts are always interesting and I have to thank her for her lemon drizzle cake recipe as my mum loves it!!

In The Frow: This is another girl whos style I love, Victoria is (or should I say was, as she has recently moved) a fellow blogger from Manchester and it is great to see the places that she goes to around Manchester that I haven't seen before. Yes i have lived here all my life and I still struggle to work my way around town, please don't judge me! I also enjoy her reviews as I feel that she is always honest and if I'm thinking of buying a product I'll see if she has used it to see if its any good!!

Now as sad as this may seem here are a list of my favourite tv programmes of last year:

- American Horror Story
-Geordie shore
-Jennifer Elison Dance Mums
-Made In Chelsea

Now bar AHS the rest are trash tv basically, they video people and there lives, so basically like YouTube vlogs but parts are scripted (even if they claim they aren't, don't believe it, they definitely are!).

Finally I have the three YouTubers that I have loved watching in 2014:

-Helen Anderson (MelonLady): Now this girl I have watched for quite a while, think my first video of hers that I watched was the vlogs she did when she still lived at her dads house, that or her showing how she gets her amazing purple/pink/blue hair. Then I have been hooked ever since, her vlogs are different to most other vlogs but thats what I like about them. You can tell that she has a degree in film making and using those skills on her vlogs and why the hell not!!!

-SacconeJolys: Now these I started watching when Jonathan was surprising anna with a proposal, and now they are married with 6 dogs and 2 kids!!! They are amazing parents and their kids are two of the cutest I have ever seen!! If i could hand pick my children I would most definitely want them to be like Emilia and Eduardo, they are adorable and have the most amazing personalities!!
-Zoella: I have and always will be a fan of Zoella, I always look forward to her videos and just love how down to earth and genuine she is! She has achieved so much since I started watching her and I can only imagine how far she is going to go in the furture!!

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