2014 Favourites!!

This post is on a combination of items, TV shows, vloggers and bloggers that I have loved over the course of this year! Just to warn you this is a rather long post due to the items that I have loved and wanting to include them all!

Now these aren't in any form of order (whenever is my blog any different!)

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Philosophy : Now this is the nicest shower gel I think I have ever used, it is just a lovely spiced scented, autumnal shower gel. Though it is a very autumnal scent I feel I could use this all year round as I love scents like this one. It lavas up really well on a lufa and leaves my skin feeling really soft, but it can also be used as a bubble bath which I also love!

Salon Science ProAccelerant, Organic Pea Sprout Shampoo & Conditioner : Now though these are a recent addition to my collection, these are the nicest smelling shampoo and conditioner that actually work with my hair. I have used great smelling sets before but they have just left my hair feeling like it has been coated and then need washing more often than I like to. Just so you know bar wetting and drying my fringe everyday, I only wash my hair twice a week if I can. This is because your hair doesn't really need that much washing and it also helps if your trying to grow it like I am. This smells great (scent is a big thing for me!), leaves my hair feeling clean but not dried out and also helps with growth, so it ticks most of the boxes for me. The one problem is that it is rather expensive for shampoo, but with how infrequent I use it, its not too bad!

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique: Now this is another hair item, that smells AAAAMMMAZING! It is one of the better products that does a combination of good things for my hair. It not only smells amazing, it leaves my hair feeling silky soft and also is a really good heat protectant. If you hate using loads of different products on your hair, I would recommend this one.

Aesop Parsley Seed Mask: Now this is one of the items that I don't think I could really live without and I am yet to find a better alternative. This just helps suck out any nastys on my skin but doesn't dry out my skin. You apply it and it doesn't feel heavy like most mud masks do! I would say its a great all -rounder and if you haven't already you NEED to try this one out!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum: This is another item that is a must have in my skin routine, applying a few drops of this after the Aesop mask and before moisturiser helps prevent any blemishes from getting worse and evens out my skin. I could go on and on about this product but I'll stop myself here!

Now the next few are the few makeup products that have really stood out for me over the year, I have used other products don't get me wrong but these are the ones that I have turned to the most when I am actually wearing makeup.

Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector: Now this is a great base for every day use if you have combination oily-normal skin like myself. It apply s like you would with any other BB/CC/liquid foundation, but when you buff it into the skin it has a powder like finish to give a matte finish, but not too much that it looks like you have caked it on! I love this for everyday makeup or if i'm just going out for a short evening and I don't want anything particularly heavy.

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade: Now this I love whenever I am filling in my brows, this is another product that does multiple task in one. It helps fill and define the brows but also sets them as the formula is waterproof so no need to panic that your eyebrows will be sliding down your face by the end of the night!

Now these are the random favourites that I have loved reading and watching last year!!

Anna Saccone (new blog design, love it!): I love reading Annas blog, it gives me an insight into life as a full time mum and let me tell you I don't know how she does it. I love how she styles outfits, that she can look so put together in a casual outfit. That and reading her blog has been one of the influences that has made me want to bake more (which is not so great for my diet!).

The Londoner: Now this girls lifestyle is my dream! Rosie's blog is one of the ones that I really look forward to her next post. I love how she does a combination of fashion and food in most posts (that might sound bad but it is definitely not). Her posts are always interesting and I have to thank her for her lemon drizzle cake recipe as my mum loves it!!

In The Frow: This is another girl whos style I love, Victoria is (or should I say was, as she has recently moved) a fellow blogger from Manchester and it is great to see the places that she goes to around Manchester that I haven't seen before. Yes i have lived here all my life and I still struggle to work my way around town, please don't judge me! I also enjoy her reviews as I feel that she is always honest and if I'm thinking of buying a product I'll see if she has used it to see if its any good!!

Now as sad as this may seem here are a list of my favourite tv programmes of last year:

- American Horror Story
-Geordie shore
-Jennifer Elison Dance Mums
-Made In Chelsea

Now bar AHS the rest are trash tv basically, they video people and there lives, so basically like YouTube vlogs but parts are scripted (even if they claim they aren't, don't believe it, they definitely are!).

Finally I have the three YouTubers that I have loved watching in 2014:

-Helen Anderson (MelonLady): Now this girl I have watched for quite a while, think my first video of hers that I watched was the vlogs she did when she still lived at her dads house, that or her showing how she gets her amazing purple/pink/blue hair. Then I have been hooked ever since, her vlogs are different to most other vlogs but thats what I like about them. You can tell that she has a degree in film making and using those skills on her vlogs and why the hell not!!!

-SacconeJolys: Now these I started watching when Jonathan was surprising anna with a proposal, and now they are married with 6 dogs and 2 kids!!! They are amazing parents and their kids are two of the cutest I have ever seen!! If i could hand pick my children I would most definitely want them to be like Emilia and Eduardo, they are adorable and have the most amazing personalities!!
-Zoella: I have and always will be a fan of Zoella, I always look forward to her videos and just love how down to earth and genuine she is! She has achieved so much since I started watching her and I can only imagine how far she is going to go in the furture!!

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