2015 Fashion Trends!

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Now even though my birthday is in January, I have to be honest it is one of the duller months, for weather and lack of money due to the crazy spending of Christmas.
Though this all does turn around once Februarys wage hits our banks (well it does for me anyway) and though it may feel like summer its decades away, its actually not that long till we'll be complaining its too hot rather than too cold (heres hoping!).

One thing that does spur me on is the changing of clothing seasons, whether that be going from warm dark layers, to bright floaty dresses (or in my case black floaty dresses, black is my happy colour don't judge me!)

Now if you had to ask me what is and isn't fashionable or on trend, sometimes I would get it right, but a bulk of the times I probably get it wrong (if anything is shiny or glittery it is always a good choice for me). Luckily I've now got that covered with the help of Farfetch a Luxury Designer Fashion Website who have created a infograph of what are going to be the big trends of SS2015.

The full infograph is at the end of the post, but I have picked three of the ones I am looking forward to personally.

The Seventies

First up is the seventies, and when I say seventies I don't mean what everyone seems to think it was which is crazy psychedelic colours, bands round the head and posing with a peace sign! As much as it was partly that, the fashion now is more high waisted flares, fringing, flowing bohemian style blouse/dresses and wide brim hats. A lot easier to style and pull off I feel and you won't look like you have just stepped of the set of That 70s Show. Think Farrah Fawcett and Debbie Harry rather than the cast of Saturday Night Fever!

Floppy Hat     -              Cape Cardigan       -             Fridged Bag    -                 Warehouse Flared Jeans    -       MIH Flared Jeans

Floral Print Trousers      -     Boheme Crepe Top    -      Wide Leg Trousers   -      Fedora Hat     -       Skinny Band Floppy Hat

Bucket Bags

Then we have bucket bags (or on some sites duffle bags?!?), which I have always been favourite of mine. I own a brown leather one that my mum passed on to me which she had for years so essentially its vintage! I found a few that would be a great accessory to anyone's wardrobe.

Diamond Bucket Tote    Padlock Bucket Shoulder Bag   Vintage Bucket Bag   Drawstring Bucket Bag  Whistles Bucket Bag

Yellow Zip Front       Blue Contrast Bag           Tan Quilted Bag        Drawstring Bucket Bag          Grey Tassel

Blue Tones

Now as you may or may not know, I am not normally a fan of colour! I'm not opposed to it, its just black is a lot more flattering.I have to say I am impressed with the navy and bold blues that are coming out so far, and the bulk of which are designed in a way that you could wear them year after year and wouldn't look out of place. 

Baja Trench Coat          Tribute Sandals                                 Sicily Tote                          Alexander Wang Dress         VB Dress

BCBG MaxAzria Dress             Playsuit             Floral Mini Dress              White Denim Coat                   ASOS Mini Dress

Those are just a few of my selections for this year, there were tonnes more I could have used but then the post would have just dragged and it would have been a struggle to resist the urge to buy it all!

What to you guys think? what are your fashion trends for this year?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post

Speak soon

* Lucys Emporium Owns no rights to the images, all the images are taken from the linked websites unless stated so. Infograph and smaller infograph icons are form farfetch.

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