Birthday Weekend!

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Last weekend was my birthday and though I am not really one to be, 'It's my Birthday so It's all about me', I thought it would be nice for you guys to see what I had been up to.

I posted quite a bit on Instagram this weekend (which along with my blog I am trying to improve on!), so I thought I would use these pics and explain them.

Now my actual birthday was on the Friday, which meant I go to spend the day at college, which is great as it means I'd be doing something creative rather than sitting in front of a computer in an office which is dead (which is where I am right now!). This week was our first look at special effects makeup which we had all been looking forward to, we were given a demonstration on how to create burns and then were let loose on each others arms!!!

The burns aren't the best ever, but for a first attempt I would say they are pretty damn good?! We made these using melted gelatin mixed with glycerin and then applying it to the skin with a wooden stick (or a large lolly stick!). Once you have the shape we wanted we went in with alcohol based paints and blood. Now as no burn looks exactly the same, there is really no set way of doing it, as long as you ensure that it blends into the skin it will make the burn look more realistic.

I also received a lovely card and Selfridges voucher from my course friends, which was really sweet of them, but was obviously expected to be spent on makeup (which I would have any way!)

The following day I was off out to my friends for afternoon tea, and a night out. Though to properly start the day I was treated to a little walk with the pampered pooch in the snow. She is quite funny in the snow as she gets all excited and just starts eating it!! (we do feed her, she just likes eating anything she shouldn't!!)

For lunch we went to The Richmond Tea Rooms , which I didn't manage to take any pictures of the place due to how crowded it was, but I did manage to take some of the food!! (which lets be honest is the most important part!)

Now the place is set up with a nod to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, with its very over the top decor and its miss match tableware just adds to the effect. The staff were nice (though the guy that was serving us was a little off, I put it down to how packed it was). and the food was really good, though I did have food envy when my friends boyfriend had the Gentleman's Tea.

Will most definitely be having that if we go back again!
After a nutritious dinner (McDonalds, ooppps) we pulled out our glad rags and headed over to the Cloud 23 Bar, on the 23rd floor of the Hilton in Manchester. Having never been here before I was hoping we would be able to get a table and did we ever, we got one right next to the window so we could look out over all of Manchester light up at night!!

Now though the drinks here are expensive, good god are they strong!!
mine was a cornetto drink!!!
Only having a couple here, we left to dance the night away in revs and luckily that is where the pictures finished!!

I had a great weekend and I can't wait to show you guys what I treated myself to, once it arrives!!!

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