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As you may know I have been training in my MUA course for a while now and though we are given a small kit when we start the course I've now felt that I need to add to this.

I haven't really wanted to go for one specific brand, the main reason being is that some people can be allergic to certain brands, mainly MAC and if you turn up to a shoot or a set with just MAC and they are allergic to it then its a bit like your up a creak without a paddle.

Getting a range of brands avoids this situation and allows me to know what each brand is like and how each brands products are to work with.

Now, not really knowing where to start with creating a pro kit I did a bit of snooping around and came across a post by Laura Louise Makeup. I have been following her on instagram for a while and it just hadn't clicked that this talented lady had a website (yes bit stupid, I know!). In the post she gave the list she had received when she started her training, of all the products that are great to have in your kit. Writing it as a helpful list to those of us who aren't so in the know about whats good to have and what isn't. Granted if I went out today and bought all the kit she listed I wouldn't be able to eat for a couple months, but its great to have a list of things that a pro like her has started with also.

As I was out shopping last weekend I decided to pick up a few bits, some I bought online with vouchers (a post on these will be up soon, once they arrive!) and these I bought whilst in Leeds the other weekend.

Now the the first items that I purchased were from Kiko, a brand which I hadn't really heard off before but as luck would have it, there is a stand alone store in Leeds with a sale on which meant it would just be against the law if I didn't go in and have a look!

Kiko Invisible Lip Liner: now she did state the lipstick queen invisible lip liner is good, but as this was easy to get and relatively cheap I thought I'd try it out and see what its like.

Kiko Supreme Eye shadow: Now this item was on sale and too sparkly and pretty for me to leave without it. Its a creamy shadow which could be used the same way you would a mac paint pot, I got this in the shade 02 Rich Gray Amethyst which I think would be great under a dark smokey eye (keep an eye out for a look coming soon) or under my next purchase.

Kiko Water Eye Shadow:  Now this is a shadow that can be used just as you would any normal shadow or if you wet you brush and then apply the shadow the colour comes out a lot stronger and can be longer lasting. Though I am pretty sure you can do this with normal shadows if you want, I got this in shade 202 and is another item that was too pretty to leave without.

Now as I received some Debenhams vouchers for Christmas I decided to spend this on Hoola from Benefit. This was a item I needed due to the fact that I don't actually have any bronzers/contour colours bar the the ones I have for my personal kit, which would get annoying if I forgot to pack it. Though I have heard rave reviews about this product, which has been around for ages, I have seen that the NYX Powder blush in taupe is a close dupe. Annoyingly it is currently out of stock but I am keen to see what it is like in comparison as there is a large price difference.

Though it is only a small haul, it is great to be able to personalise my kit a bit more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if any of you know of any must have items, please let me know.

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