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I recently did my first photo shoot as an MUA, though it was only a small shoot it is proof to me that this is a step in the right direction!

Having come out of a four year degree that I had begun to hate by the end of it I was totally confused as to what I wanted to do with my life!!

I ended up going and working for my dad, which though wasn't the job I wanted to do it has its pros and its cons !

I got pretty down about the fact that I had done a degree and was doing nothing with it! What a waste of time and money to come back to the situation that I was in before I started Uni! Don't get me wrong I don't regret it as I wouldn't have met the people I did and know what I know now but what on earth was I going to do next. After doing research and speaking to others I applied to do a 1 day a week course in Media Hair and Makeup and since starting in September I haven't looked back.

I did have the panic of what if I get bored/start to hate this just as I do with most things in my life or even worse that I love it but I'm just that bad that they ask me to leave!!

What if my looks end up like this:

or this!:

Well so far I haven't been that bad and if there are anythings that need tweaking I have been told and I don't hate it. In fact it is the one day of the week I look forward to the most!!
I still have those mini panics where I look at myself and think why are you still here, I expected so much more from you, but I have to remind myself that it may be a long process but it is worth it in the long run.

I love each new technique that I am learning and feel that after my first shoot I am more excited and looking forward to the next where ever that may be!!

Here is one of my fav pictures from the shoot, and if you want to see more you can see them here.

I would say to anyone of you out there that is unsure of what to do next or thinking of trying out something new to do what Nike says and just do it! Not knowing what to do is totally normal, most people go through this but many won't be so open about that. Don't look at your friends and panic that they have their plans and its going so well for them as your time will come.

As much as I know I would appreciate future me to come back in time and let me know if i'm on the right track it would calm me so much but that's just not going to happen, so until that time I am just going to keep heading on with this vague plan I have and work my way to the top!!

How about you guys, any of you lot feel the same way??

Hope you liked this post

Speak Soon

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  1. Completely agree with everything you said!! I'd love it if my future self could tell me what the hell to do with my life haha. Love the photos from your shoot the make up is amazing! x


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