Dooms Day, breath and remain calm!!

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So as you may or may not know but over here in the UK today is Valentines Day! An amazing hallmark day for those in a relationship or those with a crush to spend loads of money to ensure their other halves know just how much they love them!!!

Or in a single girls eyes just another day to remind them just how single they are!!

Now don't get me wrong, I am more than fine with the fact that I am single and that others aren't. Theres just a fine line between being romantic and splattering your love all over facebook and other media that I am just trying to stop myself from hurling!!

I mean really, yes you love each other and yes we all know with how many times a week you post pics of you two, but there's just no need to go this over the top, or is that just me??

Me I plan on staying in with friends, watching some bad cheesy films and eating.

Possibly a drink or two?

But mainly eating 

And if your the same then that is perfectly ok, if i'm being honest I would like to hope if I was in a relationship that this hallmark day wouldn't change, in fact in a strange way I quite look forward to the excuse of a takeaway and films, and also lapping up on the sympathy that I get from all my couply friends!!

So apologies that this isn't a pretty pink/red makeup look, or a what I got for valentines, but really I'm not sorry. I leave all those post to you relationship pros!

Hope you enjoyed this post and didn't find it to offensive!!

Speak Soon

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