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So I have recently been having a bit of a bad time with my skin and I am sooo fed up with my black heads!! I have tried so many different products, some specific to help with getting rid of black heads some not and none of them seem to have made any difference.

I have been searching around and found that dermalogica do a specific wash for black heads. I have heard a lot of good things about dermalogica, in fact one of my good friends raves about it and swears by it!

I decided to get a new set of cleansing, toning and night treatments and see if these make a difference to my skin. The range I created for teens - young adults who have issues with their skin and help clean it and keep at the best it can be.

First up we have the Clear Start Foaming Wash , which is created to clear dead skin, excess oil and dirt to help prevent breakouts. Now I know many say that foaming cleansers aren't great for your skin, that foaming should be left to kitchen soaps and hand washes but this one doesn't go overly foamy and it does feel like it cleans my skin but doesn't leave it feeling dry or tight like some do when they have over cleaned my face.

Another cleanser is the Clear Start Pore Control Scrub which obviously I know isn't going to shrink the size of my pores as that not really possible. But I hope that it will clear out the pores that are reacting oxygen and creating the blackheads that I have. Again this scrub doesn't dry my skin out and has small scrub parts so it feels like its giving an effective cleanser but isn't to harsh or abrasive on the skin.

To follow both these cleansers is the Clear Start All Over Toner, which I spray on my face and neck after using either of the cleansers. It is to help prevent excess production of oil but is also a great refreshing step.

The final item I purchased was the Clear Start Overnight Treatment  it is to work on your skin overnight to help prevent further breakouts and reduce redness.

Now this lovely picture is a close up of what my skin is like before started using this, my skin isn't the worst that it could be, but to me as a training mua your makeup is only as good as your base. So putting money into your skin care products is some that work for you are always worth it, so hopefully this should make a difference.

I should put a review once I have been using this products for a couple of weeks to let you guys know what I thought of them and if they have made a difference to my skin. Whether you have similar skin to mine or more breakouts I thought it might help to know if these products actually work or not.

Speak Soon.

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