A-Z of all things Beauty and Makeup Part 2

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So this is the second part of my A-Z of all things beauty and makeup.

N is for No Makeup

Now this may sound like a crazy idea to some of you but some times it is good to wear no makeup. I personally rarely wear makeup during the week. It allows my skin to breath and also doesn't clog my pores, causing unwanted spots. You never know, you may feel the difference. I dare you to try no makeup for a week and see what happens?

O is for Over Doing It

Now I think we have all been guilty of this from time to time including myself but it needs to stop. This truth can really apply to any beauty or makeup related item take tanning for instance, yes you can get a healthy glow from a spray tan but there is a fine line between glow and glowing like tango!!

P is for Practise

Yes the makeup artists on instagram are amazing (I one day will have that level of skill) but the reason they are amongst having a talent for it, is the years of practise that they have put in. You may not be the best and hey even the best have days where their eyeliner just refuses to flick right but don't give up just yet!

Q is for Quality not Quantity 

Yes there are many dupes for decent makeup brands out there and I am no way saying buy them rather than the more expensive brands but be careful where you buy them from. There are loads of fake mac products on the internet for half the price of the real ones but these you can't guarantee have gone through all the testing that makes them safe to actually use! That and yes there may be an offer on a supermarkets own makeup but not all of it is as good as it looks!!

T is for Test

I can't tell you the amount of times as a teenager I would go to boots, buy a foundation/lipstick etc and get it home and it is totally the wrong shade for my skin tone. I would always swatch any lipstick,liners, eyeliners etc on the back of my hand. You can see how the colour compares to your skin tone but also what the products is like to use. As for foundations test a small area on your jaw line to see how that compares not only to the skin tone of your face but also your neck and whether you need to go for a slightly darker shade to colour match to your neck and avoid having a pale face!

W is for Wash Your Face!

Even if it is only with a makeup wipe, you really should take off your makeup before you go to bed as it isn't the best treatment for your skin. Though I have done it in the past and been amazed how good my makeup looks till, but it can do some damage to your skin if you do it often!

Y is for You

If you can think of any other A-Zs that you want to see or even know of let me know in the comments and I'll have a look. Would love to know what your beauty and makeup A-Zs are!

I hope you enjoyed this second post and let me know if you have any beauty/makeup truths on the letters that I have missed. (I could not for the life of me think of things for r,s,u,v,x and z!)

Speak Soon

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