My A-Z of all things Beauty & Makeup Part 1

I thought I would put together an A-Z of all things beauty and makeup that are either a must do or a please don't! Think sesame street for us adults that have beauty and makeup problems.
Though I have broke it into two post a as it would be one hell of a long post if i did it as one, so below are my A-M of all things beauty and makeup related truths!!!


If you use powder based products they arent too bad, but liquid ones aren't great to keep stored on a brush. The amount of bacteria can build the longer you leave them and if you are using them at the same time your spreading that all over you face. I think I may have scared my cousin when I saw the state of her foundation brush and said that the spots she had were being spread around her face with the rest of the germs she had on her brush!!

B is for Brows. 

These little things frame the face and they make a hell of a difference when done properly. Make sure you maintain them properly as there's Cara Delevingne bushy brows and then there's cave man bushy mono brow!! Don't over do it on the product, yes the muas you see on instagram have amazingly defined, perfect brows. But remember they have had years of practise on getting their makeup so on point and you don't want to end up on a night out looking like you've coloured in your eyebrows with a permanent marker!!

Dem Brows be on POINT!!

C is for Contour.

Now I know makeup is all personal preference, a creative way of reflecting yourself but there has to be a fine line of where the creativeness goes too far?! Before Kim K and her crazy contouring, drag queens use this technique and personally I think it should be left too them. They use it to create a more feminine face shape, so as a girl do you really need to contour that harshly!!

I'd say this whole look is a massive no no!!!

D is for Diet

Now I can hold my hands up and say there are days where I don't eat the best but 70-80% of the time I am pretty damn good and my skin seems to show that. If your skin isn't the best, applying a whole load of makeup over the top of it will only make it worse. Diet does have a big effect on your skin, if your not eating to healthy or not getting enough of some things it does reflect on your skin. Take the time to sort out your skin and you'll notice a huge difference when applying your makeup!

E is for Enough

By which I mean know when enough is enough. This apply's to most beauty and makeup items. Know that when your skin is bright red and breaking out, but your eating great and drinking water that you may have overdone it on the new exfoliator you just got! Know that wanting full coverage is perfectly normal, what isn't is your skin looking cakey and that you have applied your makeup with a trowel!!

F is for Foundation. 

This means knowing your skin type and knowing which shade is right for you! Now for me I have combination oily skin so the worst type of foundation for me would be one with a moisturiser in it as it would make the areas which are oily even worse. Also as for shade the one I use is a little warmer than my face but that is so that it matches my neck and there fore I don't end up with a pale face that doesn't blend in with the rest of my skin.

G is for Get Rid

By this I mean, clear out your beauty products frequently depending on the dates on them. On pretty much all makeup,bath products, moiturisers etc. there is a little pot on it with either 12M or 24M which relates to how many months the products will last once opened. As products do go off its best to be aware of this to ensure it doesn't have a bad affect on you.

H is for Hair

And make sure you take care of it. Trust me I have learnt from tooo many dye jobs and hair cuts that it is important to look after your hair whilst doing this as it will damage it further down the line. You can see the products I am currently using to correct my past mistakes here.

I is for Ingredients

If you know your skin type it can be goo to know what ingredients that you need to avoid in certain facial products. For example if you have dry skin avoid anything that has alcohol in it i.e cleansing lotions, toners. Just as this may do the opposite of what you want and dry your skin further. 

J is for Jewelry

By this I mean, less is always more. I have seeing people out and about that look like they have left the house with every item of jewelry they own. Keep it classic and don't over layer the bracelets and necklaces!

K is for Kardashian

Now don't get me wrong I love the Kardashians (have to say khloe is my fav, though love kendals style!) but know what you can or can't do similar to them i.e. makeup and clothing wise!

L is for Live Life

Don't Give to hoots what people think, including me if you don't agree with some f the above truths that I think then fair play to you that's your opinion. Live your life for you and what makes you happy!

M is for me

If you have any tips or tricks that you want trying out or to let me know post in the comments below and I promise I will try to get to them!

I hope you  enjoyed this post and look forward to the next!

Speak Soon

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  1. This was great! I'm looking forward to the second half of the alphabet!

    1. Thank you, was unsure what people would think but am glad you like it, let me know what you thought of the second half!

  2. That was so great! Glad you decided to do 2 parts <3 I have something to look forward to now!!!

    1. Ah thank you, glad you had something to look forward to, let me know what you thought of the second half. That part I have to say was a little harder to think of stuff for!!


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