Taming The Mane!!

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Now I have over the years changed my hair colour ans style more times than I care to mention, though now I have allowed it to grow and also barely dye it any more as it is back to my original colour.
Though I don't do much to it now the damage has already been done from the previous times and I am determined to fix that. Before all of the styling changes I only had to wash my hair and it would dry poker straight. Now it is more a frizz ball if I allow it to dry naturally so if I have anywhere to go I have to dry and straighten it just to be presentable (which I know is not great for my hair).

I had a mini haul of products that I am hoping will be able to help deal with this mane!! The haul is a mix of Sally's and Space NK products. Which by the way be careful if you have a Sally's near you as it could do some serious damage to your bank account as it definitely is going to to mine!

First up we have the Tigi Bed Head Antidotes Recovery Mask, this is a deep hydrating mask which you run through the mid-ends of your hair and leave in for 3-5 minutes.This stuff smells great and I have to say that so far so good. As it says that you should only use it once a week Ill have to let you know further down the line as to how good it actually is.

We then have the Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends, now I don't have split ends (well as far as I can tell) but my thought process is that this will help keep my hair smoother and whilst its growing it shouldn't grow into split ends meaning when I'll need a hair cut it should only be a trim and not half of my hair.

Finally from Sally's is the Osis Blow and Go Smooth Blow Dry Spray, now this is said to help speed up drying your hair which will be great for me due to how long my hair is it does take a while. Now my hair is thick in fact its very fine but there's just a lot of it which is why it takes so long and I'm thinking less time under the dryer less damage is done to my hair hopefully.

Now the final two products from Space NK, one was a risk buy and the other was from a review from Vivianna  and so therefore it was a must buy!

The BB Straight Blow Dry was a risk buy, though it had some great reviews on Space NK itself, I hadn't actually looked up a review for it outside of the website. It is a heat activated cream that you run through the lengths and ends of your hair, it smooths out the hair and helps it become more manageable with every use! Now I have only used it a couple of times, so I will have to let you know further down the line but so far so good! 

Finally we have the Living Proof Hair Primer, now you would think a primer for your hair is just another way to rip you off, but believe me when I say I personally think it is worth the hype! It is a cream product you put in damp hair before any other of your styling products and extends your hair style as well as increasing the amount of time between your next wash. Which though I have only used it a couple times I have to say that it has done that, I washed it Monday evening and then washed it again Friday morning, which I didn't have to it would have lasted till Saturday evening without even showing a sign of greasyness in my hair!! Now this is always good when your wanting to grow your hair out as constantly washing it prevents it from growing and produces more oil, making you wash it even more !!

As I said I will be doing a review once I have been able to use them all a bit more, but so far so good.

Have you guys used any of these, do you have any products you swear by??
Let me know in the comments below as I'm always looking for new hair products to try

Speak Soon 

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