LVP Makeup

Makeup For Photography Group

Creative Fashion Photoshoot

Makeup and Hair Look

This was done in a client style scenario, where the client would give a makeup and hair look that they wanted and we would complete this.

Various Hair Styles 

Fashion Photo Shoot 2 

Photographer: Liam Hillen

Fashion Photo Shoot 

Photographer: Liam Hillen

Application and Cover Of Bald Caps

Assignment Week

These images are from an assignment given at college. Each one of us was given a different part from a script, which then had to design and create the makeup for that particular scene:

Its New Years Eve when a girl is mugged under the canal bridge for her phone giving her a bruise on the right hand side of her face, she faints and hits her head on the ground. It is raining and the canal water has risen up. 

Special Effects Makeup- Bruising and Cuts

Recent Photo Shoot

Model: Demi Ormandy
Photographer : Liam Hillen

Special Effects Makeup - Cuts

Special Effects Burns Makeup

Drag Makeup

Special Effects Burn Makeup

Special Effect Burns Makeup

Sugar Skull Look

Kardashian Inspired Look

Cut Crease Glitter Lid Look

Asian Bridal Look

Bridal Look

50's Glamour Look

Glamour Look

Rio Carnival Themed Look

Testing Airbrushing

Smokey Eye Look

Evening Makeup Look

Everyday Look


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